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4. customize tomahawk schedule component

5. customize tomahawk schedule component

8. Facing problem with tomahawk component

Hi All, I am using tomahawk component to upload files(Photos). But when i select a file (image file with extension .jpeg, .gif etc) to upload the photo, then the other valuechangelisteners & the Partial triggers are not firing. i.e. when the upload file path is selected, upon selecting one value from one dropdown, another dropdown is not getting populated i.e. ...

11. Tomahawk Schedule Component

Hi, I am using MyFaces tomahawk Schedule ( assuming t as the uri to tomahawk) component to bring a outlook calendar like view for displaying meeting details. I have daily,weekly and monthly views for the user to choose from. I am able to switch between the views by setting the mode property in the model. model = new SimpleScheduleModel(); model.setMode(ScheduleModel.DAY); Now ...