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1. Can we use ui:include in JSF to display a component?    stackoverflow.com

I am new to JSF and I am trying to display a JSF2 component with ui:include

<ui:include src="myComponent.xhtml">
    <ui:param name="attr" value="aValue"/>
The component is successfully displayed but the param is ...

2. JSF 2 composite:actionSource exposing commandButtons in ui:repeat    stackoverflow.com

In my composite component, I have a ui:repeat that has, among other static things, a command button, like this:

 <ui:repeat var="article" value="#{cc.attrs.articleList}">
     <strong>Aricle: #{article}</strong>

3. JSF2: ui:include: Component ID must be unique    stackoverflow.com

Basic question: Including a page, that contains a component with component id, multiple times cannot be done. But how can i have a reference to that component iside that included page? Example: included.xhtml

<h:form id="foo"/>
<!-- ...

4. Recursion in JSF (c:forEach vs. ui:repeat)    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to build a navigation tree via recursion in JSF. I have defined a navigationNode component as:

    <composite:attribute name="node" />

    <ui:repeat value="#{navigationTreeBean.getChildrenForNode(cc.attrs.node)}" var="child">

5. Composite Components or ui:include?    stackoverflow.com

Which of those techniques can support inter-module ajax updates? ( The content is above 1100 line in a single JSF 2.0(facelets) page. Even if I use one of the above techniques to ...

6. Why does JSF need to save the state of UI components on the server side?    stackoverflow.com

  1. Until what point in time does JSF save the state of UI components on the server side and when exactly is the UI component's state information removed from the server memory? ...

7. JSF ui:fragment rendered performance    stackoverflow.com

I have a set of jsf components that are statically generated from a set of excel files (they are updated by business people). Each generated file represents a business object that ...

8. Private/scoped variable in JSF2/Facelets ?    stackoverflow.com

I might not be thinking correctly in terms of visual components in JSF, but I guess that's part of my question. My question is around the seeming lack of scope ...

9. Component ID in ui:repeat problems    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to render a grandparent component. The code:

<h:form prependId="false>
<h:panelGroup id="outer_panel">
    <ui:repeat var="curr" value="#{bean.map}">
        <h:panelGroup id="inner_panel">

10. f:ajax within ui:repeat, unknown id for the component    stackoverflow.com

When I try to render a panelGroup by an ajax call, it gives unknown id.

<h:form id="form1" prependId=false>
  <h:panelGroup id="panel1">

  <ui:repeat value="#{bean.page}" var="page">

11. JSF ui:insertChildren fine when the component is in the same project, fails when in it is in a taglib    stackoverflow.com

I have a fairly simple JSF component:


    <h:outputScript target="head" library="com.mytaglib.mytaglib" name="dockwidget/dockwidget.js"/>
    <div id="${component.clientId}_div">

12. Composite component inside a ui:repeat, causes actionSource to not fire    stackoverflow.com

OK, I'm guessing that this might be a bug but I'm not totally sure. Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong? Here's the situation. I have a composite component that ...

13. Composite component parameter does not evaluate when it is a ui:repeat var attribute    stackoverflow.com

I have a composite component that takes a specific object type as its value attribute. It looks like this:

    <cc:attribute name="value" 

14. Checkbox inside ui:repeat not refreshed by Ajax    stackoverflow.com

I work with Mojarra 2.1.3. When the user click on button "refresh don't work", it refresh the content of the ui:repeat.I expect the checkbox to be checked, just as at the initialization. What ...

15. JSF UI Component    coderanch.com

16. UI - Bundling custom components.    coderanch.com

jsp:include ?? Depends on the type of code you are wanting to include on more than one page. If it requires backing bean methods, consider putting these methods and properties in a bean that gets subclassed by other pages or just load that bean up in the session all by itself so that you can use it from wherever. You can ...

17. About the basic understanding of UI component    coderanch.com

Hi all experts, I have been with JSF for several weeks and so far the fundamental concept regarding the UI component still confuses me a lot! Through my study I have learned that a UI component usually consists of three building blocks: the component class, the render, and the custom action that binds the render to the component class. Also, the ...

19. Downloading UI components on demand    coderanch.com

Hello Ranchers I have a UI form consisting of a menu bar along the top and several button components on the page. At the moment, it is possible to display hidden (ie. not rendered) pop-up windows when either menu items or buttons are clicked. All these components get sent to the client during the JSF request processing lifecycle. What i would ...

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21. TLD for custom JSF UI component    coderanch.com

Originally posted by Chandan Rajan: But I also want to expose the attributes of h:graphicImage (the component I am extending). To achieve this I have copy pasted graphicImage's attributes from graphicImage's tld file into my tld. Is there a better way to expose the attributes of the base component that I am extending on the tld? I'm not sure how easy ...

25. access ui components in custom valuechangelistener    coderanch.com

Any time you resort to javax.faces classes for anything other than datamodels, there's a strong possibility you're doing things the hard way. I'm going to assume that you want partial page updating where the radio button enables/disables the textarea without actually re-rendering the entire page. To do that, however, you need AJAX, since the default (non-AJAX) behavior is that the entire ...

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