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1. jsf component with render attribute failing validation

I have couple of panel grids with rendered attribute, on value change event of a drop down list, I make one of the panel grids visible, this works fine. But after ...

2. JSF composite component validation

I want to create composite component and attach some validators to it's children, but I want message from validation to be attached to composite component, not to it's child. In the ...

3. Validator for composite component validates, but also throws exception

I want to attach validator to composite component, and I want it to be attached to every child component inside:

  <cc:attribute name="validator"

4. cross field validation for composite components

How do I implement cross-field validation for composite components? The composite component I am using is an input text box (one for email and the second one for confirm email). I ...

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7. Help creating a custom JSF component and adding a validator to it.

I have a new problem. The problem appears during the rerendering of my custom component. It keeps some children inside and during the restore it give me an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundException. I solved with the solution posted here: LINK that I report here: public class CompositeJsfComponent { public CompositeJsfComponent() { // MyInput extends UIComponent getChildren().add(new MyInput()); getChildren().add(new MyInput()); getChildren().add(new MyInput()); } public Object ...

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