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1. Storing inputText values when "jumping" from one controller to another

I have the following mask/view: input mask After entering the name and description, I can add a list of existing attributes by clicking on "Add existing" button. This opens another mask/view, where ...

2. Accessing a controller through a PhaseListener

I wrote a PhaseListener and would like to know if it is possible to access a controller through it.

3. Living without a controller?

Im slowly, but surely, digging into all the nooks and crannies of the world of JSF. But, coming from the Struts way of life I have some questions about properly designing navigation in JSF. First, these questions are prompted by the design idea that directly typing a URL into the browser of a web application should always result in something useful ...

6. Controller related question

JSF controllers are based on the MVC Controller architecture, with the one exception that unlike true MVC, JSF controllers cannot reflect changes in the Model back to the View asynchronously, since HTTP forbids unsolicited posting to the client. The controller logic is inside the JSF servlet and inside the various JSF tags. If you wanted to, you could create your own ...

7. controller in JSF

8. Front Controller & JSF

JSF is an MVC design pattern, which I believe is related to the Front Controller. With the way JSF implements MVC, you can actually have multiple backing beans serving as the Controller, with the xhtml files being the view and some number of data objects serving as the Model. You can also have POJOs providing functionality and support.