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1. Displaying a Hyperlink on a h:inputTextarea

I'm trying to display a hyperlink clickable in a inputtextarea is that possible? If no, how could I do it without the inputtextarea but same effects as a textarea?

2. InputTextarea autoscroll behavior

I have a inputTextarea that I refresh using PrimeFaces' AJAX poll. When the inputTextarea is refreshed, a lot of new text will be displayed. However, it will always jump to the first ...

3. JSF 2.0 - Problem getting 'h:inputTextarea' nested in a 'h:repeat'

Im just moving my project to JSF2.0 and im having this problem. I just cant get an inputTextarea that is inside a h:repeat. Outside the repeat, works great... Does anyone knows ...

4. Filling an inputTextArea with content from multiple selectOneMenus and buttons

I want to build a small UI which will offer the user the posibility to write some math formulas in an easier way(hence the UI) and be able to save them ...

5. Making JSF buttons which act like "Backspace" and "Enter" Keys for an inputTextArea?

UPDATE: I updated here for clarity, instead of writing in the comments or making an answer post. This is a piece of how the code those buttons will operate upon looks: I made ...

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10. Save selected content of InputTextArea

11. Need inputTextArea functionality + escape="false"

Hello, Would seem a pretty simple question but I've not found any option as yet to perform the functionality that's required. In conjunction to using the richfaces a4j:push control I'm needing to update a text area on the form with log information that is refreshed on a set time interval. I have a listener object that accepts strings of messages from ...

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