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1. JSF 2.0 menu navigation question

I am new to JSF, I am currently running JSF 2.0 with tomcat and Primefaces. I have created a simple page using the primefaces layoutUnit and primefaces menu. I have a ...

2. JSF 2.0 use enum in selectMany menu

I want to use enum values in a selectManyCheckbox. The checkboxes get populated correctly, however, when selecting some values and submitting them, their runtime type is String, and not enum. My ...

3. JSF navigation rule not working on menu

My commandlink on menu.xhtml did not work. I have my menu.xhtml in template folder under WebContent and list.xhtml in pages folder under WebContent as well. When i click on the link ...

4. how to create menu in jsf java

I want to create menu in jsf. example in menu bar file

5. Best practice for JSF 2 dynamic Menu handling?

i am looking for a best practice handling a simple menu with JSF and CDI. I would like to have a top menu with dynamic entries. Something like (from the main template):


6. Set index on Drop-down menu

I've tried to set a specific index on a h:selectOneMenu JSF component. The use case is that the user needs so select one if the menulist has more than one item. ...

7. How to create menu bar in JSF

Can any one give clue about creating menu bar in JSF?

8. JSF select menu problem

I am developing a jsf,richfaces application.where i want to populate the values of second select menu on the basis of selecting the choice from the first one .How i can ...

9. How to create a menu bar and a submenu with JSF

How do I create a menu bar and a submenu with JSF 2.0? I use NetBeans 6.8 and server GlassFish. There are many JSF components (

10. Design patter for a navigation menu in jsf

I am learning jsf and I dont know how what is be the best way to create a navigation menu on the left side. In jsp or php I use only ...

11. Right-click menu using JSF

There's no such concept in HTTP as a mouse, much less which button. All that stuff has to be done client-side, using JavaScript. For JSF that means finding/writing JSF components that provide that code. Please be nice to me, though. Years of mousing have locked up my arm so much that I'm doing more and more app navigation with the keyboard ...

12. JSF Menu Bar

13. tab menu

14. How to design a Left navigation Menu

15. Tree view for the menu

16. menu Include file not working from JSF

17. AJAX with JSF issues on selectone menu

18. navigation problem from main menu

19. unable to populate select one menu

public class bean { List value; String name; /** Creates a new instance of bean */ public bean() { } public String getName() { return name; } public void setName(String name) { = name; } public List getValue() { value=new ArrayList(); if(name.equalsIgnoreCase("abhijit")) { value.add(new SelectItem("abhi","abhi")); } value.add(new SelectItem("a","a")); return value; } public void setValue(List value) { this.value = value; } ...

21. Dynamic Menu Utility

Hello all, I have created a menu that is populated dynamically based off of a table. I want to create a utility that will allow users to edit the menus. I want them to be able to edit the way the menus are arranged (parent and child menus) and the text that the menu displays. The actual action of the menus ...

23. toolbar menu in jsf