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1. JSF snippet to center an image in a panel grid

I am trying to write some JSF code that centers an image in a panel grid. The simple approach would appear to be:

<h:panelGrid columns="1" style="text-align:center">
  <h:graphicImage value="/path/to/image.png" ...

2. How to create changing content in JSF 2.0 Panel

I'm trying to create something that would have the looks of a tabbed interface in JSF 2.0. I can use myfaces and richfaces (either, neither or both) to do this. I've done something ...

3. Panel Popup In JSF 1.1

Is it possible to have panel popup window in JSF 1.1 ? I would like to display a popup window when I click edit button and then would like to have ...

4. Panel Group

5. nested tabbed panels

9. adding new tab to existing Tabbed Panel

Hi, I am trying to add a new tab to an existing tabbed Panel. When user clicks on a row (in dataTable) a new tab should be added. Below is the code of my action method. HtmlTabbedPanel haTab= (HtmlTabbedPanel) findComponentInRoot("tabbedPanel1"); HtmlBfPanel bfPanel = new HtmlBfPanel(); bfPanel.setId("Manual"); bfPanel.setName("John Smith"); bfPanel.setRendered(true); bfPanel.setShowFinishCancelButton(false); haTab.getChildren().add(bfPanel); This method is executing, however the new tab is not ...

11. add children to panel

12. Ajax to Make panel Visible or Hidden

13. how to add a row dynamically in panel grid by clicking on command button using jsf

Hi, I'm not really answering your question, but have you considered using dataTable component instead of panelGrid? The difference is that in dataTable you can bind its value to an array of inputTexts or whatever objects you need, then you can add inputText components to this array by a method binded in the action property of your commandButton.

14. scrollableDataTable hides modal panel

15. Tab Panel Question

Hi all, This is my very first post :-) I have a question about the richFace tabPanel, and was hoping one of you JSF/richFace experts could answer. I have a richface tabPanel, and want to be able to control the color of the text on the tab's label: Red Label"); OR setTabLabel("

16. onclick event in modal panel in scrollableDataTable

Problem I have a scrollableDataTable with cells filled with

Now clicking on cell highlight a row of scrollableDataTable. Maybe somebody knows how to switch off event (onclick) in scrollableDataTable but leave it on in div_s inside a cell. Event onclick in cell is needed for modalPanel to popup. I need a scrollableDataTable for frozenColumns. maybe some binding of events / ...

18. Dynamically generate Panel grid elements

Hi All, I am very new to jsf technology. Even I have worked in core java. Can anybody help me how to generate a panel grid dynamically. that means a panel grid may contain some text fields, but how many of those will be and what are their names and id will come from data base. So inside bean class I ...

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20. size panel