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1. Doubts when using radio button group(JSF 2.0)

I have a variable in my backing bean of type int:

private int myVariable;

//Get and set methods
What i want is to give to the variable above a different value depending on the ...

2. JSF set default value Radio Button h:selectOneRadio

<h:selectOneRadio id="radio1" value="#{testBean.value}">
    <f:selectItem itemValue="High School" itemLabel="High School" />
    <f:selectItem itemValue="Bachelor's" itemLabel="Bachelor's"/>
    <f:selectItem itemValue="Master's" itemLabel="Master's"/>
    <f:selectItem itemValue="Doctorate" itemLabel="Doctorate" />


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11. Issue in Using Radio Button

Hi All, I got an issue in Using Radio Button.I am using Radio Button as one column inside a Data Table.When I click the Radio Button, it is giving Validation Error. I am using JavaScript to controll the behaviour of the Radio Buttons.By using Radio Button,I am selecting a particular row in the Data Table If the User didn't select any ...

12. Display value of 'checked' radio button

13. Query on RadioButton in Jsf

18. radio button not working with panelgrid


19. Radio buttons are not retaining thier values...

Hi, I'm new to JSF. I have a problem with radio buttons in jsf. After clicking on yes or no to a radio button, i will submit my form. After that when i reload the saved form from the data base, it is not retaining the value of the radio button. but after saving the form the values are avail in ...

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22. Radio button layout.

24. hide radio button

i have 3 radio button on my form, and i only want to display 1 radio button when i load page as the 2nd radio button should appear only 1st radio button is selected. How do i hide the 2nd radio button? I try to use the following, but it doesn't work, i will still show all the radio button at ...

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28. Dynamic Radio Button in a Table

Dear Sirs et Madames, I have a table dynamically created of users. the table has several columns , two in particular are relevant in this discussion. I have a column "Select for Deletion" and a column "Select For Editing" at the moment the are both checkbox components within the rows of these two columns. However, logically you cannot select more than ...

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35. jsf radio button and javascript

function validatemanual2() { var returnFlag = false; var i = 0; var obj2 = document.forms['orderOverviewForm'].elements['orderOverviewForm:manualradio'].value var obj = document.getElementById("orderOverviewForm:manualDataTable").rows; for (; i < obj.length - 1; i++) { var [color=red]chkBoxName [/color]= "orderOverviewForm:manualDataTable:" + i + ":manualradio"; var check = document.getElementById(chkBoxName).checked; if (check == true) { returnFlag = true; } } if (returnFlag == true) { return true; } else { alert("Please ...

36. Display Different Sections while selecting different radio buttons

Please see my code , In the page i have, Welcome to Panel 1 Welcome to Panel 2 In the java file i have private Boolean firstRadioChecked = false; private ...

38. Spacing radio buttons

42. Select one radio button and display the value in java script

This is my jsp code (i have pasted only the required portion) .... ... Javascript code : var1=document.getElementById("adminPanel:adminForm:rptType"); ...

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45. Dynamic Generation of Radio Button in JSF