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1. How to set default value of h:selectOneRadio button

I am unable to set the default value of h:selectOneRadio as i need radio button to be pre selected

<h:selectOneRadio id="myRadio" value="#{Externalbean.addressFlag}" >
<f:selectItem itemValue="1" itemLabel="Yes"/>
<f:selectItem itemValue="0" itemLabel="No"/>
and my backing bean is
private ...

2. How do i create a group of h:selectOneRadio in JSF?

I am trying to create a grooup of h:selectOneRadio but ui:repeat gives it different id for each row. This is my code :-


3. JSF: selectOneRadio converter problem

I'm having trouble using a selectOneRadio component. I get a NullPointerException in my Converter's getAsString. That exception is thrown before I even get to see that component. This is how it looks ...

4. JSF: More customizable selectManyCheckbox and selectOneRadio

I'm using selectManyCheckboxes and selectOneRadios and I would like to customize them in some way. It would be sufficient if there was be a possibilty to group the selectItems according to ...

5. How to use both h:selectOneRadio and h:selectOneMenu?

My requirement is radio and select box display in same line using jsf tags. ...

6. SelectOneRadio with Ajax event does not trigger

There is a site I developed. I want to use <h:selectOneRadio> with <f:ajax> to change content of the form in the page. I searched many sites but could not find. When ...

7. Disable User Selection in

I am trying to disable user selection in tag.

    <h:selectOneRadio id="wildcard"   value="#{NewService.isWildCard}" label="#{msg.org_IsWildCard}" readonly="true" layout="lineDirection">           ...

8. layout with h:selectoneradio

how do you get h:selectOneRadio to not display items inline, considering it only renders one row? or how do you get it to render one row per item?


9. selectOneRadio - javascript get value

I have never used "value" option but in order to know which button is checked, you can use following option document.forms['budgetcategoryform']['budgetcategoryform:active'][0].checked document.getElementById("budgetcategoryform:active")[0].checked should also work. Both of above expressions return boolean value. You can use [1] index also in case you want to. [0]th element refers to first button and [1]th element refers to second button. P.S. Jolie, if you can ...

11. h:selectOneRadio automatically creates Table

hi, i m new to jsf. i m making an app with struts and jsf. i need to create radio button in diff row but when i used or similar tag and run my app will automatically creates table. I mean if i write

12. h:selectOneRadio problem

13. selectOneRadio in several columns...

14. problem h:selectOneRadio

15. Problem with SelectOneRadio

I Have a sepcific Problem. I Need to show in my screen in the following way. RadioButton1 Dropdown Box RadioButton2 TextBox User can select one of the radio. If he selects first radio then Dropdown box gets highlighted. If he selects second radio Text Box gets Highlighted. How can place controls in the above said way. Thanks

17. SelectOneRadio with inner tables

18. selectOneRadio problem

I am having some troubles with radio buttons. Here is my code: The item in the bean (prjsys.oldestCommentFirst) is set to true. I expect that when I call my page, the radio button for "Oldest First" should be filled in. However, when I actually do call the apge, nothing ...

19. selectOneRadio with nowrap

20. h:selectOneRadio question

21. Simple question on SelectOneRadio

23. Problems with h:selectOneRadio

25. JSF SelectOneRadio and inputText

I am trying to create a select one radio button with one option for "Other" where the user can then type input in an inputText field. This "Other" option is the last item in the list, and I am having trouble laying out the textBox to correspond with the option. Currently, the inputText box is in the middle of the second ...


27.  issue

29. h:selectOneRadio issue on Internet Explorer

Hi , I am working on layout of an application, right now i don't have bean values for my controls. Code where i use h:selectOneRadio is: The issue is the fact that on IE if i don't refresh the page, when i come back on page from an ajax part ...

30. h:selectOneRadio is rerendering panels inconsistently

Hi y'all. I'm using seam/JSF (Rich Faces), latest versions. I have a h:selectOneRadio tag with 2 values, and I want to use Ajax to display one of 2 different forms, depending on the selection in the radio button. The problems are: 1. The first time I change the value, nothing is triggered in the backing bean; 2. Subsequent changes do trigger, ...

31. JSF2 Populate SelectOneRadio with Enum values

Hi, I'm trying to use the following to get a Yes/No value from the database, which is a custom Enum type: The yes and no radio buttons are not set to either, it's just like I'm getting a null value. The same code works fine ...

33. Separating

35. 's in a table?

38. More customizable selectManyCheckbox and selectOneRadio

Hey! I'm using selectManyCheckboxes and selectOneRadios and I would like to customize them in some way. It would be sufficient if there was be a possibilty to group the selectItems according to a certain property (e. g. with a headline for each group or a line between each group). What I want to do: I have a list of objects that ...

39. selectOneRadio inside a columnEx

Hello, I need to render a radio buttons in a table, one button for each row, to allow selection of the row for the user. How can I do that if "dataTableEx" is used for rendering the table ? If I simply put selectOneRadio into hx:columnEx, each row contains independent set of buttons.