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1. JSF data binding

I am having trouble using JSF just wanted to run it by so if there is anything obvious someone can spot. I have a managed bean which is giving me trouble. ...

2. How to bind table row to Edit-button in jsf?

It's trivial but unfortunately I don't understand some processes 'behind the scenes' in JSF. So, I'm also interested in links to related articles. The problem: I have a list of User-objects. And ...

3. JSF2 DataBinding Problem

I have a little issue regarding submit of forms in jsf 2: In my webapp I got a function that updates entities in my db. This function gets the relative data out ...

4. Bind dynamic properties using JSF

I have a edit screen which displays a series of editable properties(fields) of an entity. And this list of fields are dynamic,in the sense that any field can be added/removed from ...

5. JSF: How to bind many of h:selectBooleanCheckbox?

I have a problem to bind list of h:selectBooleanCheckbox to my bean. Anybody helps ? This is not working:

<ui:repeat value="#{cartBean.productsList}" var="cartProduct" varStatus="i">
   <h:selectBooleanCheckbox binding="#{cartBean.checkboxes[i.index]}" />

public class CartBean extends BaseBean {

6. JSF: the binding value of selectOneMenu never get set

I have a selectOneMenu look like this

  <h:selectOneMenu value="#{CreateAds.selectedOwnerId}">
      <f:selectItem itemLabel="Select a Owner" itemValue=""/>
      <f:selectItems value="#{CreateAds.availableOwner}" />
Here is ...

7. How to bind object with h:selectManyCheckbox

I've an object, say Users, which has 10 properties, I want to bind it to h:selectManyCheckbox and want to display two specific fields of it as itemLabel & itemValue of f:selectItems. ...

8. How to bind data with checkbox list in JSF?

I've the following code in my edit user screen

<h:selectManyCheckbox id="selectedGroups" value="#{usersController.selectedGroups}">
                <f:selectItems value="#{usersController.groupsList}" var="item" itemLabel="#{item.groupname}" itemValue="#{item.groupid}" ...

9. JSF problem with binding f:loadBundle

I try to create simple jsf application.

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
<%@ page language="java" contentType="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1"

<%@taglib uri="" prefix="h"%>
<%@taglib uri="" prefix="f"%>

<%@ page import="java.util.*"%>
<f:loadBundle var="Message" basename="bundle.Messages" ...

10. Access value binding of UIComponent

I use <t:inputFileUpload> for uploading files in my application. The selected file (represented as a UploadedFile object) is only saved to its binding (the member in the backing bean) upon form ...

11. input binding in ui:repeat in jsf

i am using facelets jsf 2.0 with primefaces 3.0.M2 component library. i am trying to achieve dynamic numbers of rows including iput fields that are filled when a datatable selection occurs. whenever ...

12. How to bind the selected value in selectOneMenu

Of five options in a selectOneMenu I chose the second option and persisted the entity. On edit the persisted entity selectOneMenu always has the last option as its value. For example,

<h:selectOneMenu value="#{userHome.user.leader}">

13. How to bind h:inputText value to custom object

I'm using JSF 2.0 (JEE6, Glassfish 3.1) and stuck with such problem: I want to bind my h:inputTexts values not just by a simple String or Integer but my object:

public class IDX ...

14. How to pass paramters panelgroup - binding, JSF

I have a datatable that reads registers from a database. Into the datatable I have a panelgroup that is populated by binding My problem is that I can not pass a parameter. ...

15. Binding Datagrids

16. "bind" property

18. h:selectOneMenu and Map bindings

19. Binding object in a selectMenu

Hello, I am trying to bind an object to the value property of a selectOneMenu but cannot get it working. It does work, however, when I bind an object of type Long. I get a conversion error where it tells me I cannot convert object@address to null. Any thoughts on if this is possible and what I am doing wrong? Here ...

20. Value vs. Binding

21. Can you bind and interact with a control bound to a Data Table?

Does anyone know if you can even interact with the controls bound to a datatable or if you have to use MyFaces or other library to do this? I'm trying to just click a check box that's bound to a Data Table, but cannot get it to work (see my previous postings). Since I can't find a single example on how ...

22. value binding inputText

23. data table binding doesnot work

Hi, I am trying to backing beans for a data table. I have a datatable displayed in one page using Now I want the use the same backing bean to display the table in the next page .I have therefore set the value backing bean instance in the request and used the following code the render the ...

24. binding, which ethod use?

25. why binding desn't work properly???

26. Value Binding at runtime

28. dynamic panel grid binding

Hi all, I've tried to build a dynamic UI component in JSF, with a map that values are bound to it (and all of components are added as children to the PanelGrid tag's component). Any time user clicks on add button 3 new input fields are generate in backing bean and my page rerender. The problem is : after rendering I ...

29. Binding, dynamic UIComponent treegeneration and display problem

Hi all, This is my probleme : My page is composed by a selectManyShuttle ( trinidad ) and a PanelGrid and a commandbutton. The selectManyShuttle allow to choose a list of language. The PanelGrid is "empty", because it is binding to my backingBean. It will be created at sending the form, depending on the languages chosen. public HtmlPanelGrid getPanelLanguesEtPersonnes() { // ...

30. binding

what is binding doing internally? How it will affect the normal life-cycle of JSF page? where and when should I use it? Example: I have 5 JSF components in my page. On some action...I need to set some properties of those components from the backing bean. now...if I am doing with the scope request and using binding...i can set all the ...

31. JSF bind object

32. confusion in binding property + setId method of componenet

The view is already created. To get this to work, you should to recreate the complete view. But that's a bad practice. Why would you ever change the ID programmatically? For which problem did you think that this is the solution? Take a step back and elaborate about that problem and we could suggest you a better solution.

33. binding vs value

34. what is binding in following respect

35. JSF binding conversion

37. 'F1' key binding in jSF

For starters: 1) Java/JSP/JSF runs at the server machine. 2) Java/JSP/JSF generates and produces a HTML/CSS/JS page. 3) Server machine sends HTML/CSS/JS page to the client machine. 4) Client retrieves HTML/CSS/JS and displays HTML/CSS and runs JS. So when you want to capture keys in the client side, you need to look for the solution in the HTML/CSS/JS corner. HTML is ...

38. binding

39. binding property

40. Binding problem

41. difference between value and binding

This has got to be one of the most famous all time questions on JSF... i asked the same question when i goes your answer.. When you are interested in only the value of a UI element...(the text it holds)..use the value attribute... When you are interested in the backing the UI element itself , for example, to set the ...

42. Can't bind method expression to htmlcommandbutton

Hi there, I have the following class structure in a JSF project with facelets: ManagedBeanAncestor class, and subclasses A,B,C The purpose ManagedBeanAncestor is to hold 3 HtmlCommandButton non-static instances and 3 non-static methods : Save,Cancel and Delete. As you might guess, these are Entity managedbeans whose purpose is to interface with POJO objects and the Persistence context. Since I have to ...

43. jsf binding and saved states

I have createt html form simple as and all of the subpanels ,tabbed panels menus... (richfaces components) are created dynamically in my formmain session scoped bean. After that all of page actions are executed during ajax (as I said richfaces components) so idea is never to reload that page again (classic ...

44. Property binding architecture

Hey, we've been using JSF for awhile now, and have run into a recurring issue. So, our project currently uses JSF to bind to properties on our data model directly. For example, if there was a Person class in our data model, a JSF page may look like: , etc. The issue we've run into is that whenever we ...

45. Create a binding

Hello and welcome to the forums, Huamin! There are some things you have to have in mind when asking questions in forums, either here or outside. The readers of these forums are technical ones, of the type who appreciate seeing that you strived to do something, but failed, only then came up here for help. In other words, technical readers in ...

46. JSF setValueChangeListener Binding Problem