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1. how to settle JSF combobox with values depending on another combobox if both are set to required

everybody! Can anyone tell me how to automatically set <h:selectOneMenu> (or any other component) with values depending on another <h:selectOneMenu> if there empty elements with 'required' set to 'true' on the form? ...

2. JSF combobox: display items from Collection

I can't populate a JSF combo box with predefined data from a Java collection. Backend, simple stub for collection:

PriceRecord pr = new PriceRecord();
This doesn't work, the combo box remains empty:
<h:selectOneMenu value="#{price.typeCode}" var="code">

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4. on change combo box not working.

hi Iam trying to do onchange selectOneMenu is not working but if I put submit button it is working?(I am using valueChangeListener). any body can help ...when I onchange my combo box, I want to change value in down side combo box ....actually when I select state combobox, only it has to disply cities in my down combobox.

5. I want to use combo box in JSF!!

Hi, I have a requirement in which I need to us ea combo box. It should have a characteristic by which I may bind it with values in the backing bean as well as anybody may be able to insert new values into it. Is it possible to do this in JSF RI or do I need to refer extended tag ...

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11. comboBox onblur event not called

12. Editing the combo box values

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14. Populating combo box with xml file

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16. Mutiple ComboBoxes using c:forEach

I want to create mutiple ComboBoxes from a Map containing label for the box as key and an object having [possible values, selected value] as Value (id=bundleItemDecoration). This map is updated on value change of another ComboBox (id=bundleType). Code works fine when rendered for the first time, but behaves wierd when re-rendered. When I change the value in ComboBox (id=bundleType), Map ...