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How can I write a drop down box in JSF?

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I need to populate a drop down based on the selected value in another drop down. I can use AJAX requests to do that but I am searching for a solution ...

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I'm a newbie to web programming, so please bear with me. I am using JSF 1.2 and I want to conditionally set the color of the items in my drop down list. In ...

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How to create custom component in dorpdown ? Requirment is the dropdown with next and previous functionalities. dropdown have list, we choose the list as well using next and previous button choose ...

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How to create custom component in dorpdown ? requirment is dropdown with next and previous functionalities. dropdown have list, we choose the list as well using next and previous button choose list ...

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I want to display a tree like structure in my dropdown in JSF. Basically the select items are in a heirarchy and I would like that to be evident in the ...

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I am trying to use Editable drop-downs in my jsf application, Is there any way to do it? thanks in advance...

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I have created entites and facde in netbeans. Now I want to create a native query to get only two feilds from the table. And then Bind them to the

String ...

9. selectonemenu dropdown list in JSF    stackoverflow.com

I have created one JSF .XHTML document. In that document, I am working with dropdownbox using selectonemenu tag and it has contains more than 20 values.Can any one help me how ...

10. JSF Dropdown / SelectItem not working?    stackoverflow.com

Ok trying to use JSF dropdown menu. I did the following which follows what others post or generally in the internet..



11. How to make a dropdown menu of a enum in JSF    stackoverflow.com

I want to make a selectOneMenu dropdown so I can select a status on my question. Is it possible to make the f:selectItem more flexible considering what happens if the order ...

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I imagine this is a pretty basic deal. I've been doing light jsf on and off for quite some time, but not any real projects. Finally I'm starting one. I beat myself up on day one. Here's the deal. Filling in an address. Two fields. A country dropdown, which should drive the population of a state dropdown. In a perfect world ...

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21. JSF drop down Converter issues    coderanch.com

22. commandMenuItem and drop down menus    coderanch.com

I have two related questions. I am using ADF. I need to generate a drop down menu using commandMenuItem. I was unable to find an example on how to do this. Any insight? The menu that I am planning on creating using commandMenuItem will replace a menu that was created using javascript and strait html. The javascript code takes the gradient ...

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24. Dropdown change on clicking buttons    coderanch.com

Hi, Could anyone suggest me how to do this in JSF I have a dropdown menu showing some options. ( List with 10-12 dropdown city items like Atlanta, Athens, Cumming, Savannah). Below is the code for that:

25. JSF Dropdown Perfomance Issues    coderanch.com

I have a h:selectOneMenu dropdown which performs CRUD operation. The dropdown list has a value "New" which allows the users to enter new values into other form fields thereby performing Create/Insert operation When users pick other values from the dropdown list it dynamically populates other fields in the form thereby facilitating Update/Delete operation. The problem is whenever i pick a different ...

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27. Need Help with Editable Combo/Dropdown Box in JSF    coderanch.com

There's no standard combo box control in JSF. One can be constructed using a dropdown list + a textbox + some JavaScript. It's possible someone already has made a JSF custom control like this so you don't have to do all the work yourself - I just don't know of any offhand.

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41. Getting One Dropdown Menu Selection to Affect the Values of a Second Dropdown Menu    coderanch.com

Ok thanks Tim, is there a way of using the current set up without getting into AJAX? AM using Visual Web JSF. Incidentally what would be the overhead of learning and using AJAX for this particular issue, and could I get your code for the cascading dropdown menus as a reference point? Thanks

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47. Dynamic HtmlSelectOneMenu : How to set the selected value in dropdown?    coderanch.com

Hi Ebert I guess you will have to work out the dynamic list building part yourself, as far as set the "6 mos" as selected value you will need to include value attribute in the tag. The value attribute will point at the 's prperty, so either you assign this property to "6 mos" or you assign this property based ...

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Hello I would like to create a dynamic drop down menu in which the menu items are associated with a web page. So when a user clicks on a menu item, it will take the person to that web site. How can I do this? I have a JSf project, in this project I have a Java Bean, in this Java ...