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I have upgrated to JSF2 but still running with facelet1.1.15. I have these parameters in web.xml:

I ...

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I need to compose templates/facelet sections, so that individual projects can customize only certain parts of them while retaining immutable corporate standards. The corporate standards could change , and ...

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I have a nested from which I would like to call a method on my bean, passing the current object in iteration. This method would turn that object into a ...

4. JSF 1.2 - Facelet - CSS has no effect    stackoverflow.com

I created xhtml from HTML mockups. When I applied CSS for h:inputText there is no effect. In Xhtml I have,

<code><h:inputText id="e90" size="29" styleClass="cc22"/></code>
And in external CSS I have,
<code>.cc22    ...

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8. facelet: different css style for ui:define    coderanch.com

ui:define is not a GUI display element, it's a macro definition. So there's no style attached to it, only to whatever GUI content it expands into. Technically, yes, you could define a macro and pass it a parameter which would be referenced in one or more of its expansion elements using an EL expression. In real life, I'd be more likely ...

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