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1. How to make a label display in a single line in jsf

Can any one help me to display a label in a single line? In my UI there is a field called check funding period but it is getting displayed in 3 lines like:

check ...

2. Placing label before radio button with JSF

i have the following in my page.

<h:selectOneRadio layout="pageDirection" >
     <s:selectItems value="#{usageList}" var="entry" 
      label="#{labels[entry.label]}" itemValue="entry" />
With this code I get a radio ...

3. JSF link in SelectItem label

Is it possible to set a <a href />around my <f:selectItem itemLabel="label" /> where my link text is the itemLabel? I'm using the plain sun components.

4. JSF SelectItems: how to get both label and value

I am working on a jsp page which has a combo box:

<h:selectOneMenu disabled="#{controller.disabled}" id="actualType" value="#{}">
        <f:selectItem itemLabel="  " itemValue=" " />

5. Get selected labels from SelectManyListBox

I want to get value and label of the selected items of a h:selectManyListbox. I've this:

<h:selectManyListbox id="myList" size="10" value="#{search.selectedItems}">
    <f:selectItems id="myListID" value="#{search.itemsList}">
The problem is that when I submit the ...

6. How do I set label in h:selectOneListbox?

I have to display a list box with label as value "name" & I am using h:selectOneListbox. My Code is :

<h:selectOneListbox id="select" value"#{trial.trials}" size="1" title="Select Item...">
<f:selectItems value="#{trial.trials}/>
My trial bean is : ...

7. JSF SelectOneMenu with noSelectionOption using label as value?

In a "create new user" jsf page, I have a SelectOneMenu with a custom converter and a noSelectionOption selectItem like this: (irrelevant code ommited) NewUser.xhtml

<h:selectOneMenu value="#{newUserController.user.department}" 

8. How to display the label of a selected value of a in a ?

I want to show the label of the selected value of <h:selectOneMenu /> in a <h:outputText />. I have the following dropdown where I get the selected value.

    <h:selectOneMenu ...

9. Can h:selectManyCheckbox label be a UIComponent?

I can imagine using a list of checkboxes displayed using h:selectManyCheckbox. But instead of plain text of itemLabel, i want the label to be clickable, for example, using h:commandLink. Is this possible, or ...

10. How to set h:selectOneMenu label as value?

I'm using h:selectOneMenu and I want to get not the ID value, but the label. In the backing bean I create SelectItem objects which are taken for loading the h:selectOneMenu.

new SelectItem("id", ...

11. What is label's 'for' id for selectBooleanCheckbox

How to reference each individual checkbox in the outputLabel so that when I click on item's label, it would effectively be the same as if I clicked on the checkbox?

<rich:dataGrid value="#{all}" ...

12. How to access the selected label and selected description in jsf selectOneMenu where selectOneMenu is bound with javax.faces.model.SelectItem objects?

This is for JSF 2.0 (Kindly note - this is mojerra implementation and I am not using Icefaces, myfaces etc.) Consider I just have a drop down in my my form and ...

13. Get Id and Label of Selected Item

I have an SelectItem Object array

SelectItem[] list;

<h:selectOneMenu value="#{}">                        ...

14. Proper way to display separators in between labels and not after

I have a collection I want to display using the <ui:repeat> JSF tag. What would be a proper way to add separators between the elements of the collection? Because obviously if I do ...

15. selectOneMenu label value

16. panelTab label style

18. SelectItem and labels

19. Update label

21. CommandButton with Image and Label

22. Remove spacing before the label for menu item

Hello, I am using richfaces dropDownMenu component which contains a set of rich menuItems. When the menu items are displayed, a extra space is displayed before the lablel for each of the menu item. But I have a requirement of not displaying the space before the labels. Please find attached the image illustrating the issue. Thanks, Zafar