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1. Is it possible to use JSF to build clean CSS layouts without using tables?

I want to look at using JSF but I'm put off by what appears to be the liberal use of html tables for layout by many components. How do you go about ...

2. JSF panelGroup - 1 span for all?

I'm wanted to use a panelGroup to group my inputs and their labels e.g

<h:panelGroup styleClass="#{jsfServicesError.errorClass}" binding="#{jsfServicesError.myComponent}">
<h:outputLabel for="company" id="companyLabel" value="#{bundle.IDENTITY_COMPANY} * :"/>
<h:inputText id="company" label="#{bundle.IDENTITY_COMPANY}" value="#{}" required="true" styleClass="text normal">
    <f:validateLength minimum="3"/>
If ...

3. How to control the layout in JSF?

I am writing a web application (While learning JSF from scratch, and thanks to this site I was able to do this). I have managed to get pretty far but there ...

4. panelGroup mess up my layout

I have standard page layout: header + 2 blocks (left and right). Code are below

<h:panelGroup rendered="#{false}">
    <div id="center_header">

5. Good source for JSF layout management?

Can anyone recommend a nice tutorial on recommended layout designs. In other words, what components should one use to a achieve GUI pattern "X" in Facelets? myFaces? IceFaces? ...

6. JSF - Layout issues in IE7 and below when using multiple (and nested)

I have been struggling with this issue for a couple of days now and am no further forward to resolving it. I need to be able to pull in different xhtml files ...

7. Brain burp! Can't get the right Data Grid layout

Hi, I've been doing JSF for a while now, and I've encountered a hitch which I can't seem to get my mind around. I recently built a prototype which used a panelGrid to show static items in a grid layout with 4 columns. Items 1 - 4 in the first row, 4 - 8 in the second, etc. Now I want ...

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11. Java Studio Creator layout problems

Hi All, I am having some problems with the layout of web pages created using Java Studio Creator. If anyone could give me some pointers, either to how to improve my pages or to any tutorials talking about how to get the layout right I would be very grateful. I have made a mock up of my page at [1]. An ...

12. selectManyCheckbox and own layout?

13. JSF layout templates

Hi, I was trying to create JSF layout templates. I am using ADF components in my code. When I try to use Tiles, I am facing lot of problems and I read in one of the forums that we should use Facelets instead of Tiles. Now when I use Facelets I am facing problems again as Oracle ADF components are not ...

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20. Tables for layout

I've just been thrown in the deep end with an ICEFaces project and one of my initial reactions, having done a bit of web design in the past, is the use of tables for layout. These days in the world of web design, it is considered very backwards to use tables for anything other than displaying data. Do some of the ...