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1. JSF: navigation

I have to warn you: the question may be rather silly, but I can't seem to wrap my head around it right now. I have two managed beans, let's say A and ...

2. IntelliJ navigation

I'm using IntelliJ to do Java Development for an application where we use JSF in a few places. In the .jsp file I have defined my backing class and the ...

3. Best practices for "Back" navigation links in JSF

What is the best way to make "Back" links, so that the application stays consistent after navigation.

  • onclick="history.go(-1)". Is this very harmful?
  • Using a stack in a backing bean that pops you the ...

4. Dynamic navigation in JSF

I have a footer link "Privacy Policy" in my application. When user clicks this link we display some information on the page along with a "Back" link. Now requirement is when user ...

5. JSF navigation on commandbutton

I want to conditionally navigate to some page. If some condition is true i want to navigate to some other page else i want to remain on the same page. I ...

6. jsf navigation from one outcome to diff viewId

I need your help! I have a jsf app, which now have 2 versions - one for mobile and one for desktop browsers. The pages for desktop lie in folder /html, and ...

7. JSF2 how to automatically navigate, based on a value

In JSF2, I was wondering how I could navigate to a page automatically based on a value - automatically meaning, without having to click a button or commandLink? I have a composite ...

8. JSF navigation problem

I am not able to navigate from one page to another after clicking the button on the page. I have defined the navigation rules.


9. JavaServer Faces navigation

I have an application using JSF, which has a navigation bug. The homepage, which is index.jsp (however I have an index.faces file -- and this file is listed in the ...

10. JSF Navigation with Ajax

If I place, for instance, the following component and click it, it behaves as expected:

<h:commandLink value="Click me" action="anotherPage.jsf" />
But if I use Ajax:
<h:commandLink value="Click me" action="anotherPage.jsf"><f:ajax /></h:commandLink>
It doesn't navigate to the ...

11. Can I Turn Off Implicit Navigation in Jsf 2.0?

I'm migrating old projects from JSF 1.2 to JSF 2.0. The projects are JSP based. I'm having trouble with implicit navigation after the migration. The action methods that return values (Let's say, for internal ...

12. jsf navigation question

I have a JSF2 project with a "view user" page that reads the currently selected user from a session bean; userHandler.selectedUser. The page is intended to be visited by navigating with links ...

13. How would one use navigation rules in JSF2.0?

I'm trying to wrap my head around navigation rules in JSF2.0. If I have a button with an action method, is the purpose of the navigation rule to move me to ...

14. Navigation not working

I have simple JSF application. Everything works fine, but not navigation. It behaves like <navigation-rule>s were not there. In my faces-config.xml I have some navigation rules like:


15. Using Navigation in JSF

Framework: JSF 2.0. My problem: I have a page, called login.xhtml. Whenever someone view that page, it invoked a filter, called Authentication filter. The filter will check, if user already loged ...

16. JSF. Problem with navigation

Good morning! I am novice. I have a simple JSF application. But it does not work as expected. This is my login.xhtml:

    <h:outputText value="Please enter your login and ...

17. JSF 2.0 Navigation Not Working

I am using Netbeans 7.0, Glassfish 3.1, JSF 2.0 I am trying to navigate from one view to another in a step-wise user registration process (with three steps). Each step corresponds ...

18. JSF 2.0 : A navigation case

I got a page with a form like this :

    <h:commandButton value="click" action="#{searchBean.doSearch}" >
        <f:ajax execute="@form" render="result"></f:ajax>


19. JSF quizz application navigation

I created a simple JSF app, that presents a question for the user, and a set of possible answers as radio buttons. When the user chooses the answer and submit, my ...

20. JSF navigation problem

23. Navigation Problem using JDeveloper

24. JSF navigation problem

Hi there, I encountered a navigation problem, and hope I can get help from here. My page layout is header-menu-content. This layout is defined in a layout.jsp page using tag. In my menu.jsp page, I have a list of link, which was generated dynamically using . What I want to do is when clicking on the link, it will go ...

25. Navigation not working

Looks like you are getting a 404 - Page not found exception. The reason is because of the path. Taken from the documentation. path - Context relative path to the specified resource, which must start with a slash ("/") character. FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getExternalContext().dispatch("NoDataFound.jsp"); should be FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getExternalContext().dispatch("/WEB-APPLICATION-CONTEXT/PATH-TO-NoDataFound.jsp"); substitue WEB-APPLICATION-CONTEXT with your WebApplication Context. and the "PATH-TO-NoDataFound.jsp" should be substituted with the path to NoDataFound.jsp ...

26. Navigation not working

27. Navigation

28. navigation rules are not working...

29. h:command_hyperlink navigation not working

Hi, I have a jsp set up to display a list of items from a backend DB, using a dataGrid. One of the columns is an update link for each row. Here is part of the listing code: TransactionListing.jsp:

30. JSF navigation issues

Hi All I have tried to create a simple app in JSF. the first page is shown correctly and I followed all the proper rules for creating a jsf app. However I am unable to go to the second page when I click on the command button. I am keeping the code for everybody's reference..please tell me what to do as ...

31. JSF Navigation issues

Hi, I want to do validation.When i click the commandbutton some validation should be done here.depending on that the action should be done.But if the function is returning false also the the form is calling the backing bean.I should stop that action if the function return false. Is this the correct way function check() { var value=document.getElementById('form:field1').value; if(value=="") { alert('Please select ...

32. jsf navigation

33. JSF Navigation issue

34. dynamic navigation

Hi I am having a jsf page say File1.jsp, in which I have a command link, once I click that command link it does some process. Once this page is success it has to go and call the servlet say PDFServlet(which does some processing to display my image). I can't able to give the servlet path during dynamic navigation in jsf ...

35. Failing to take control of navigation.

36. Navigation behavior/expectation

37. Problem using Navigation Handler

38. Forward and navigation

I have three pages. 1. index.jsp 2. Main.jsp 3. Register.jsp The flow starts with index page does nothing but uses jsp:forward to main.jsp (working fine.). Then the main.jsp has a outputText surrounded by a commandlink action register which when clicked shall take me to register.jsp(not working). However when I directly open main.jsp(bypassing the index.jsp itself) the commandLink is fully functional... what ...

40. Navigation Problem

Hello, I am new to JSF and am having a problem with navigation. I have a button on a jsf page defined like so (brackets deliberately left out): h:commandButton value="Customize View" action="#{issueListener.getViewSettings}" The method is defined as follows: public String getViewSettings() {"--------------------------------------------------");"Entering getViewSettings");"--------------------------------------------------"); return "customView"; }//end getViewSettings method The navigation rule in faces-config.xml is: customView /Issue_customview.jsp ...

41. Back Navigation

43. navigation issue

44. JSF navigation questions

45. navigation problem

46. Navigation after a ServletFilter

Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to approach this problem in JSF. I have an application, guarded with a ServletFilter (using NTLM authentication with jCIFS) that's checking for an authentication token in the session. If the token is absent, the browser pops up a login box and lets the user enter credentials. At this point the filter allows the request ...

47. Navigation Question

49. Navigation using NavigationHandler

50. Navigation problem

Hi, I am a newbie to JSF. One of the projects that i am currently involved in, has a requirement of single sign on (SSO) , where in the user will log into their windows workstation and they will open my web application deployed in JBoss AS. Now my web application should get only the username/userid of the logged-in user from ...

51. Navigation issue

I am not able to navigate between pages and there are no errors shown also. But when the same command button is clicked twice , a error occurs. The web.xml used is as below : " target="_blank" >"> javax.faces.CONFIG_FILES /WEB-INF/faces-config.xml Faces Servlet javax.faces.webapp.FacesServlet 0 Faces Servlet *.faces ...

52. Navigation Handler Decorator, Help

53. Hide absolute navigation paths


Hi, I am using ADF faces in my project i am having a problem like this. I am having a data table where in i am setting the "rows" attribute for the same to 100, so at a time only 100 records will be displayed in the grid. The navigation part appears fine on the top of the data table. I ...

55. affecting JSF navigation through JS

56. Problem with Navigation in subview

57. JSF Navigation Issue

58. Can we and navigation rule dynamically?

59. Dynamic navigation in jsf

60. jsf newbie, navigation not working

61. dynamic JSF navigation

62. JSF navigation rule problem

hi friends I have 4 jsp files login, footer, home & about in footer page I only have and in this page also I put 2 link footer page source . Is it declared properly? 4.If there are any html tags used in the ...


In JSF 1, you needed navigation rules to connect views together. In JSF2, you can specify navigation directly from the Action processors. I don't recommend doing that in most cases, but a lot of people will shout me down on that one. I have a number of projects that use navigation rules with xhtml. Then again, they mostly run under JSF ...

73. Navigation does not work

74. Navigation Problem

75. conditonal navigation onLoad

Apologies for the late response.. "ON LOAD" meaning, lets say, page 1 was supposed to be rendered in the happy path scenario (retrieving data from DB).. But before it could be completed successfully, there is a exception generated.. So In this kind of scenario, I would like to render a "system error" kind of "System Error page" ... Please let me ...

76. Problem with navigation rule!

Hello everybody, I am new to JSF and I have a very simple question. I have placed two file in a folder: - /authentication/login.xhtml - /authentication/loginFailed.xhtml and the home page file in another: /home.xhtml How could I modify the navigation rule in way that, in case of login successful, the subpath "/authentication/" could disappear? The problem is that, if it remains, ...

77. Navigation problem

78. navigation issue

79. navigation rules

80. navigation case

81. Navigation react to JMS message

82. problem in navigation rule

83. What is declarative navigation?

84. navigation