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1. Understanding the PhaseListener.getPhaseId

HI, I need clarification on implementing the PhaseListener class. The following is the two different overriding implementation for the PhaseListener.getPhaseId

public PhaseId getPhaseId() {       

2. How to apply a JSF2 phaselistener after viewroot gets built?

In my JSF2 application I have a phaselistener that needs to be executed before RENDER_RESPONSE but after JSF has built the viewroot. First, what I did is register my PhaseListener in faces-config. ...

3. PhaseListener?

I believe you can bind the action attribute to a method that performs the functionality you are looking for. The method should return a String that corresponds to the correct navigation outcome. I think the current use of "load" is not a binding, Gregg, but a definition of an outcome. To bind it, it should look like: action="#{handlingClass.load}" and the handling ...

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9. PhaseListener Methods not called!

Hi all, I am currently going bananas with my problem. This is by far one of the most strangest things I have seen in my short experience with JSF. I have included a PhaseListener in my application. When trying to debug, I have settled breakpoints in the constructor body, and first statements of the beforePhase and afterPhase events. When starting the ...

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