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1. Adding a row to data table using ArrayDataModel in jsf?

How can i add a row to datatable and add new data to the table using ArrayDataModel?

2. JSF not displaying first row, first column data

I have a very simple page that is displaying canned data. I experienced this problem with data from a DB so I made this simple example and still have the ...

3. Displaying h:columns in different rows

I am displaying values from database table using h:datatable, one tupple is displaying in one row of jsf page but i want to display every field in seperate row of jsf ...

4. color row-x

The dataTable has an attribute "rowClasses". Bind it to your backing bean and generate style for each row. i.e. if your normal style is "normal" and speacial one is "speecial" and you are having 3 rows in dataTable and noqw if you want the second row to be special, your rowClasses should be equals to rowClasses="normal,special,normal" P.S. normal,special can be picked ...

5. row selection

I haven't worked with ALL the row, just particular links in the row and the use the DataModel getRowData method to retrieve the row data. Uppon checking the data I can decide if it is the one and thus issue the action value that redirects the page. Guess you could use some sort of JavaScript to "activate" the whole row and ...

6. TreeTable and row selection

7. Adjusting row height for JSF tables,and few more questions

Hi, I have following queries: 1-Is it possible to manipulate the row height of JSF standard dataTable by uing rowClasses attribute?.If not then how ui:table can be used to adjust row height by using CSS themes. 2-Can Grids be made OFF in ui:table ?. Again which changes in CSS Theme could be made? 3-Finally how to use the default expression #{currentRow.value['column1']} ...

8. Add a new row dynamically

I have a requirement like the following: I have a jsf table with four columns. The first two columns have date fields, the three and fourth are checkboxes. On the click of a button, I want to dynamically add a new row. I also want the ability to delete this row. Wht would be the best way to do this? Any ...

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10. select a row

11. how to hide a row

12. Dynamically Adding Row in JSF

14. Selecting multiple rows.

15. How to Reterive Row Data in JSF

16. Identifying Selected Row in Table

I am fairly new to JSF, and I am struggling with identifying which table row I have selected out of the Woodstock Basic Table component in NetBeans 6.1. I have an EJB that returns a list that I successfully display in my table component. Each row has a Hyperlink component (or in some cases a Button component). When I click the ...

17. Datamodel always returning first row

21. using datable can we limit the row ?

22. data table- row selection

23. Add Rows Functionality in JSF

25. Problems getting data for a particular row in a table

I have a JSF table that has a button to display/edit for each particular row (there is a button on each row) . When the button is pressed, I don't know how to get information for that row selected. Sort of like in dropdowns you can do something like getDropDown1.getValue() ... I don't know how to do this for a table. ...

26. getting table row number when link is clicked question

That has to be done at the time of table rendering. Assuming that you would be dynamically creating your tables [either using javascript or any serverside scripting]. You'll have to assign a unique ID to your row, either with a sequence, or with the unique item in the object being populated in its row. Once the item with hyperlink is written ...

29. Delete/edit a row in JSF

30. How to dynamically change color in row?

35. get the data of every row of a t:dataList element

Hi, i'm doing a web to show different imageMaps with links to other pages. Every Imagemap has a link to a different page, so I need to know which picture the user is clicking to, but I can't figure out how to do it. I have tried f:param and HtmlDataList@getRowData() but both always point to the first row. Any idea ? ...

36. JSF row selection

Hi all, if i need to build my own datatable selection mechanism, i mean i want to use the along with some mechanism to add the row selection cabapilities, how is the best way to do that, i tried adding a checkbox or radio as a column, but my problem is that when post back to the server, the datasource ...

38. Having problem with Add/Remove rows dynamically...

I'm having problem doing Add/Remove rows dynamically. I'm having a row which has list of dropdown and text boxes. This row is part of rich:datatable. At the end of the row, we provide an option to either add a similar row or delete the row. When user clicks on the Add button, in the java code I'm just incrementing the counter ...

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40. Displaying h:columns in different rows

41. adding row per row using javascript

42. dynamically displaying rows in jsf