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1. How to set the id of h:selectBooleanCheckbox dynamically?

I have

<wai:collectionIter value="#{listModel.listRows}" valueVar="listRow" odd="odd" even="even" styleVar="rowStyle">
  <tr class="#{rowStyle}">
      <h:selectBooleanCheckbox value="#{listRow.rowSelected}" disabled="#{detailModel.readOnly}">
        <c:set ...

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4. SelectBooleanCheckbox dynamic id ?

Should the following setting of 'id' work, or do I have to use binding ? // the getter.. public String getTheId() { return this.Id;} There is an ocean of talk on this, but none 'seem' to go straight to the point. I just want to set the id at runtime from the bean, would prefer this way ...

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9. Finding problem in setting a value for h:selectBooleanCheckbox

Hi i have just started J S F few days before and i am now stuck in a problem and the definition is given below. Problem: I have a check box named "Select All" and a list of Check Boxes (generated using a data table). When you click "Select All" all check boxes in data table should be clicked automatically. This ...

10. data table,selectbooleancheckbox and row deleting

i have some problem with row deleting from datable. i use selectbooleancheckbox in the datable. i don't understand the concept. Although i read source code,i don't understand. Please guide me and explain about getwrappeddata(). datatable is created the data from database.i used Result and retrieve table from page directly.i used bean to retrieve table. please guide to source.

11. JSF - Passing value from a SelectBooleanCheckBox to a command button

Hi Everbody, I have a check box in one of the column of a data table (The datatable contains many records). I would like to find out, which check box has been clicked by the user.Here event has to take place when we select the check box.The method what is backing bean is not going to call. There is a command ...

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13. actionlistener for selectBooleanCheckbox doubt?

I have a doubt. I have a textbox and checkbox in my jsp page. I want to write a action listener to my check box. If I uncheck my checkbox of type selectBooleanCheckbox, then I want to disble the textbox so that the usercan't input into the textbox and if the user checks on the checkbox, then I want to able ...

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22. h selectBooleanCheckbox valueChangeListener not working properly

Hi All, I am using a selectBooleanCheckBox. Initially it is deselected. When i select it for the first time it is getting selected and valueChnageListener is getting executed. Again if i am trying to deselect it, neither it is getting deselected not valueChangeListener is getting executed. Below is the code.

25. Problem with selectBooleanCheckbox and Ajax

hi everyone, i have this situation when i click in a selectBooleanCheckbox and set its values as checked it should show another selectBooleanCheckbox, that was hide before i get this code i'm using the primefaces components