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1. How to show collection elements as items in selectManyListbox?

I have a bean:

public ProjectServiceImpl {    
   public List<Project> getAllProjects () { ... }
I want to list all these projects as items in <h:selectManyListbox>. When ...

2. How to store the data's selected in a selectManyListbox into a List in JSF?

I am having a selectmanyListbox component in my JSF, now i want to store the selected data's into a List. How to do this?

3. JSF 2.0 h:selectManyListbox f:selectItems - always empty

I've got a JSF creation form using a selectManyListbox with selectItems inside (it should contain all tags available for projects). The selectItems list though is always empty - when the page ...

4. How to add a header to h:selectmanylistbox (In code)

I'm doing this from code but it should be equivalent to jsp.. Trying to have a header for a selectmanylistbox. (I'm looking for the same look as a header on a table ...

5. How to get the h:selectManyListbox selected values from within a JSF converter?

I'm trying to populate a h:selectManyListbox with a list of objects, using a converter. I can easily convert each object to string in the getAsString(...) method, but I don't seem to ...

6. JSF - selectManyListbox comes with items already selected

I have a simple problem and I hope that the solution is also so simple... The items in my selectManyListbox all comes already selected per default and I don't want this. I searched ...

7. Getting SelectManyListBox Value in Javascript

<h:selectManyListbox value="#{bean.selectedItems}" id="selectedItems"> 
 <f:selectItems value="#{bean.totalItems}"/>
This will create a selectManyListBox. Suppose I'm selecting 2 Items from this listbox. How can I get those 2 selected values in Javascript. Please do ask me ...

8. JSF 2.0: why my selectManyListbox value is not valid

In my ManagedBean, I have the following property:

public class MrBean {
    private long[]  IDs;
    private List<Item> items;

9. Is There a Vertical Scrollbar for the selectManyListbox?

According to the book I read, there is a scrollbar for the . I created a list box but did not see a scrollbar. Therefore, I surrounded the list box with: ..... to display a scrollbar. But the vertical scrollbar is too far away from the border of the list box. I wonder ...

10. selectManyListBox not working!

11. Problem with selectManyListbox

14. selectManyListBox

15. selectManyListbox question

16. selectManyListbox

17. SelectManyListbox converter problem

18. selectManyListBox operation

Hi All, Please any one suggest me the code for navigation of the value of the selectManyListBox from one page to another. With selectManyListBox in the page i have also included inputText, selectOneRadioButton, selectOneListBox and other and one commandButton options. So, when i click on button all the entered value in the one page for text, radio, checkbox, listbox are displayed ...

19. Problem with t:selectManyListbox

Hello, I have a select many list box. in that list box i have some user names and some department names. I need to send mails to the selected. Let us say if 2 users and one department is selected then i need to send the mails to all users of selected department and selected users (2 users). For the requirement ...

20. selectManyListbox not setting value

I am having trouble gettingmy selectManyListbox to set the selected values. All of the standard text fields populate but none of the select or multiselect dropdowns/lists select the stored values. I am pretty new to this so I have included everything that I have below, if you do not see it it is not there. The #{collectionSelect.collections} returns a List and ...

21. h:selectManyListbox - selection jumps to last position on onchange event

I use a h:selectManyListbox with size=5. I use a4j:support to handle the onchange event and to load some data when one value is selected. The values are assigned to the selectManyListbox via f:selectItems. The onchange event works and the other data are loaded. What doesn't work: if i select one of the items above the size that is defined for the ...

23. Selecting some entries in selectManyListbox

Hi all, I'd like someone to advise me how to have (only) some entries in selectManyListbox selected. I have many-to-many relationship between Clients and Products, and when I was adding new Client I was populating selectManyListbox with all the available Products. Everything was correctly inserted into database, and now I am trying to create edit page. This selectManyListbox should contain all ...

24. How to customize h:selectManyListbox ?

25. pick up an item from a selectManyListbox and move to another selectManyListbox

Hi Rafael, The description of your problem is very general. We need more information and examples of what you tried to be able to help you. And I doubt if it is a good idea to use automated translations for this. Don't you have someone nearby that can help you translate? Best regards, Bart Kummel

26. h:selectManyListbox issue

29. Problem in h:selectManyListBox

I need to provide options(items to be selected) in a listbox.The length of the text of options is too long and the listbox expands to the width of the length of longest text.I need a solution so that the text can be wrapped i.e. an option with a lengthy text to get accomodated in more than one line so that the ...

30. FacesConverter and

Hi, I have a problem with converting the items of a "selectManyListbox". In the getAsObject method I receive the key of my selected object. But where can I get this object? I dont want to load it again from database. The objects are already assigned to the listbox. Is there a generic way to get this objects from the component? I ...

31. Move option between two selectManyListbox using javascript

I have two selectManyListbox moving options from Left to Right / Right to Left which i am doing in Javascript and it is working fine. But when i click submit button error is occured. error: 16:21:43,968 ERROR [lifecycle] JSF1054: (Phase ID: PROCESS_VALIDATIONS 3, View ID: /pages/main.jspx) Exception thrown during phase execution: javax.faces.event.PhaseEvent[source=com.sun.faces.lifecycle.LifecycleImpl@186c1c] 16:21:43,968 ERROR [[Blocking Servlet]] Servlet.service() for servlet Blocking Servlet ...

34. selectManyListbox comes with items already selected

Hi to everyone, I have a simple problem and I hope that the solution is also so simple... The items in my selectManyListbox all comes already selected per default and I don't want this. I searched everywhere for possible options but I found nothing. Can someone help me, please? Thank you in advance Francesco

35. selectManyListbox Issue

36. JSF selectManyListbox Issue?

Hi,all. I meet the problem that puzzled me a long time, please help. ics_ui_cascadeCombo.xhtml ...