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1. how to add a seperator in

SelectOneMenu, despite its name, is not a true menu. It renders as an HTML SELECT control, and HTML SELECT doesn't support separators. About the best you can do is add an item to the select list that displays as a row of dashes ("-----------"), but unlike true separators, this item will be selectable itself, so you'd have to allow for that. ...

2. Multiple selectOneMenu with same value

HI all, I want to display two selectOneMenu components on my screen at two different locations. I have the same value(same variable in the bean) for both and the same listener method in the bean too. When i do this, i am getting following issues: 1. When i change the value in either of the selectOneMenu Component, the event Listener is ...

3. Can you have condition in ?

4.  issue

I do not think you can pass a javascript function in a value expression. The value tag expects EL expression. You do not need to pass any parameter. You can retrieve the value by calling the getState as the new value for the state would already have been set. So just skip the whole line and use ...

5. h:selectOneMenu values customization

6. selectOneMenu and ajax support

7. Problem with selectOneMenu and valueChangedListener

Hi All, I am currently trying to build a simple web based application as a school exercise using JSF. The application allows the user to login and manage notes. The user can add multiple notes (I call documents) and per note have multiple versions (each time the user makes a change to a note a new version is created). The application ...

8. h:selectOneMenu PROBLEM

11. f:ajax to update h:selectOneMenu

It's required that whatever value you have in the target value of a Select control must be in the SelectItems collection. If you change the SelectItems and the old selected value isn't in the new SelectItems, you need to reset the selected value to blank, null, or an appropriate pre-selection (that is, something that's in the new SelectItems list).

12. Converter for h:selectOneMenu

Converters work in both directions - coming from the View and going to the View. HTML Views (the most common View type) are text, so they need the getAsString to convert data to display form. On the way back in, getAsObject converts the text data value to whatever binary form you're backing the field with, such as converting a String date ...

14. Noob JSF question on h:selectOneMenu item.

Hello guy's , im realy starting with JSF2 and I've got some problems here to figure out what happened. Im trying to do a h:selectOneMenu on an arrayLisf of addresses and get my selected object in a property of my action bean. Here the xhtml code :

Ergistrement - tape 2

Liste des addresses disponibles


15. Trouble with JSF selectOneMenu

16. Strange behaviour with h:selectOneMenu value

I am having a page with two selectOneMenu, The 2nd one is rendered when the 2nd select item of the 1st selectOneMenu is selected until now it is Ok, The problem that value submitted from the 2nd selectOneMenu is not correct and sometimes null Choose a Category 1:

17. Help with h:selectOneMenu

Thanks a lot Tim for the quick reply ... Tim .. this is what exactly I am trying to do .. is to grap this collection of the values in this component... I ran the server in debug mode .. and couldnt find a clue to which property to look for... could you please explain to me your way more ... ...

18. Selecting option in second selectOneMenu not setting property value

Hi, I have been working on this problem for hours and cannot find an answer in this forum or any other google search. I have a form that contains 2 dropdowns populated from database tables, when an option is selected in the first one (system) it successfully triggers the rendering and populating of the second (facility). Great. But...when the user selects ...

19. Multiple selectOneMenu that always return same last value

Welcome to the JavaRanch, Nassim! It's hard to say. Are these tags embedded within an "h:form" element withing a JSF view element in the JSF View source? If not, the data won't submit properly. The other possibility is that your selectItem list doesn't match the selection.This can happen easily if you're using Request Scope. JSF tends to require Session Scope more ...

20. selectOneMenu value not being set on postback

I have this simple code: So, when the user changes the amount in the select box, the search executes and displays the chosen rows per page. The problem is, the "itemsPerPage" value always ends ...

21. Help with selectOneMenu items

22.  problem

23. h:selectOneMenu breaking up in IE 9

Hi, I have a h:selectOneMenu which works well on IE 8 and Google chrome. Recently, I tested the code on IE 9 and the h:selectOneMenu is breaking up. Here is the code for the h:selectOneMenu tag that I am using. The f:ajax tag inside h:selectOneMenu is supposed ...

24. Expandable h:selectOneMenu

Hi, I am working on a web application developed with JSF 1.2. I have used h:selectOneMenu on many pages. I have used its style attributed as following. Most of the time #{abcBean.nameList} contains large names that could not fit into the style="width:150px". Whenever I open my pages into Firefox and open the ...

25. JSF 2.0 selectOneMenu control not populated

Hello, Am new to JSF 2.0 and JSF web apps in general. PlaceOrders.xhtml has a drop down control that I am trying to get populated before the page is initially displayed. Tried a @PostConstruct in the backing bean method to populate the backing bean property - to no effect. Tried this based on another thread i read. Also tried ...

27.  display an option in different color

28. problem with element and the submittion of its value

Hello I have one page, where I have several elements, some of those selectOneMenu are father elements and others are children , The options that I have in the father elements are always the same, but the options that are displayed in the children elements depend in the father's value. All the elements are inside the same form. Every ...

29. Can't get JSF selectOneMenu to show list of items

First, I welcome suggestions on a good JSF book. I'm trying to learn this stuff, it's great but massive. I have a managed bean to retrieve a list of items from a database, and a jsf page to display the dropdown list as a selectOneMenu. The items don't show up in the drop down. Suggestions? JSF page

30. h:selectOneMenu Free type ?

34. JSF selectOneMenu

Hai every body, i am totally new to JSF. But my requirement is i want a combo box which has all country name in it. Now when i will select any country name the corresponding states should be listed in another combobox. i have written javascript for this and it is listing the country and corresponding state name but it is ...

35. selectOneMenu in jsf