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1. f:setPropertyActionListener not working when simpleModal working

I have the next code:

<h:commandLink value="#{bean.lastName}" onclick="$('#popDiv').modal(); return false;">
    <f:setPropertyActionListener target="#{personController.person}" value="#{bean}" />
The problem is that to make the modal panel (of SimpleModal) to not open and close ...

2. JSF setPropertyActionListener with

I have a datatable in my site and an export button on the bottom. Now I like to transfer the <List> of the datatable to the export-button bean. But the <List> ...

3. f:setPropertyActionListener passing the wrong value

the queer problem i'm facing is that my setpropertyActionListener passes the value of the previous Item rather than the current one after doing a search my list. here's my SSCCE :

<rich:dataTable ...

4. f:setPropertyActionListener sets null value instead of intended value

My view is:

<h:commandLink value="BookFlight" action="#{bookSeatController.doLoginOrCC}">
   <f:setPropertyActionListener target="#{bookSeatController.flightNumber}" 
                  value="#{flightInfoController.flight.number}" />
My setter is:
public ...

5. Using f:setPropertyActionListener

Hello, I am trying to pass two parameters i.e. (nomComposantARejouer, typeFileARejouer) to an action method (gestionnaireMessagesController.rejouerMessage) using the setPropertyActionListener (we use jsf 1.2). Here is the relevant jsp code: However, I always get a NPE because both parameters are null when ...