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1. Problem in JSF2 with client-side state saving and serialization

I have a problem in JSF2 with client side state saving and serialization. I have created a page with a full description and a small class diagram: ...

2. JSF state saving method and lazy relationships

I have classes on my domain model with plenty of lazy relationships; I was using server-side state saving with JSF, and that allowed me to have these lazy mappings initialized on-demand ...


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5. Reduce bandwith - save state on client

We're using myfaces and we have some problems regarding performance on the website. Our clients have quite thin networklines, so we need to reduce the amount of data that is floating on the net. we have done some monitoring and it seems like the web is sending the whole site as response for each request, even if only a small value ...

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16. Partial State Saving, initial state and so on

Hi Volodymir, i concur with what you saying. Today i've encountered the same issue with an ajax behavior, even when i've mark the initialState of the behavior it gets reset and end it in not rendering the state and after that it throws an ArrayOutOfBoundException in the postback of the ajax request. I'm hoping that someday this feature work as accorded ...