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1. How to create tabbed sections in JSF?

How To create tabbed sections in JSF? For example, in my home page, I need two tab sections namely, Personal and Official. How do I achieve this?

2. creating tabbedPane in JSF

Possible Duplicate:
How do I get a tabbed pane component in JSF 2.0 (Sun Mojarra)
I'm making a project with JSF 2.0 and I'm using Apache ...

3. JSF 1: Keeping content in the appropriate tab

First, the context: In the standard MVC pattern a view shows current model state. Changing the view content can update the model. Then a new view shows the new state. ...

4. Disable tabs in panelTabbedPane

5. how to navigate between the tabs??!

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8. using tabbed panes in JSF

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10. Passing hidden values from one tab to another

1. Did you try keeping your list in the request scope and getting it from the other tab ? 2. if you want to get the values of hidden fields from first tab. ( i guess you will be having a differnt jsp inside the second tab) on the pageLoanBegin() of the backingbean get the values of the hidden fields.hope you ...

11. Tabbed Pane usage

In my JSF project, I have a jsp page, where i am using a IBM tabbed pane component. I am using the same form for both creating new data and updating existing data. When I click on the tabbed pane, it is on the client side.SO, there is no request involved. In such a case, if I have to pass some ...

12. JSF Tabbing

hi guys: We now encountering Myfaces tabbing problem. Myfaces will enclose whole tabbedPane within one form, so we could not add form to each individual tab. Anyone could solve this problem? ADF faces seems to have good tab component, but we have deployment problem when we use both ADF and Tomahawk. Has anyone have similar problem and how did you solve ...

13. tabbed pane

Hi, I am trying to adjust the width of tabbed pane and the style. Now the tab header is kind of block like command buttons ...I want it to be a smooth style. How can I do that using style sheet ? My tabbed pane is inside a table. I cannot adjust the width od each tab headder. Could any one ...

14. how to create tab pane in jsf

15. How to determine which tabbed Pane is active in panelTabbedPane

hi All, I need help to set the hidden variable with id="prefId" declared down to set to particular value based on the active or selected Tab. Can you guys help me out how to determine the active tab in t:panelTabbedPane and correstpondingly set for the hidden field. I am new to JSF and I know this should be done through java ...

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17. tabbed pane

18. lose auto tabs on reRender

New to JSF and Java so please excuse my question if there is a simple answer to it. I have a page that I'm using Rich Faces and A4j in it. I have several input boxes that I have set the autoTabs on..they work when I first come into the page but if I hit my "Reset" button which reRenders the ...

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22. How to create tabs in jsf?

23. opneing the same aplication in diferent tabs

The common way to track user sessions is by the use of cookies. Cookies are shared between all windows and all tabs of a given executing copy of Firefox or IE, although not between Firefox and IE (or any other browse, for that matter). The only way to have a browser maintaining multiple sessions would be to disable the cookie-based session ...

24. multi tab problem