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1. JSF - Update model in invoke application phase    stackoverflow.com

in my JSF application i need to update ui component during invoke application phase. Can it be done? Here's the code i've produced so far:

    public void resetDataScroller(ActionEvent ...

2. JSF - UISelectItems problem    stackoverflow.com

Strange error i received from compiler:

Expected a child component type of UISelectItem/UISelectItems for component type javax.faces.SelectOne(siachoice).  Found javax.faces.component.UISelectItems.
So, if he was expecting UISelectItems, and found UISelectItems, then where is ...

3. JSF: Why do UIComponents need a no-args constructor?    stackoverflow.com

Without one, component renders ok, however, using AJAX with re-renderable target within it fails (IllegalStateException). I guess UIComponents need to accord to JavaBeans spec. But why do they need the non-args constructor? ...

4. JSF 2.0 How to create state-saving UIComponents?    stackoverflow.com

I tried simply:

public class UIDemoComponent extends UIComponentBase {

    private String someVariable;  // this gets always cleared, getters/setters omitted

    public UIDemoComponent() {

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