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1. ValueChangeListener not working

This is my code in my managed bean :-

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' ?>
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
<html xmlns=""

2. JSF valueChangeListener reacting only on second try?

I have JSF page has two drop down lists and I want to load the second one with values based on what was chosen in the first one. However, the "onchange" ...

3.  ValueChangeListener Problem

I have two <h:selectOneMenu> tags on my form like this:

            <h:outputText value="#{lbls.incomeType}:"/>

4. Valuechangelistener Doubt in JSF

HI, Please see the following code:

                <h:selectOneMenu id="countries" value="#{countryBean.selectedCountry}" onchange="submit()

5. valueChangeListener Is Invoked Without Changing Options In SelectOneMenu

In my page I have selectonemenu and I have noticed that when I click the pagination of datatable, valueChangeListener method is getting invoked without actually changing values or options in selectonemenu. ...

6. valueChangeListener and ajax execution order problem on selectOneMenu

I'm currently experiencing a strange phenomena, where setting the value to the model happens before executing valueChangeListener. Basically what i would like to happen is :

  1. I change the select menu
  2. The new value ...

7. ValueChangeListener problem

While calling the ValueChangeListener in JSF based on value change in dropdown, it is calling all the ValueChangeListner that are on that page. There are two valueChangeListener in DataTable, while changing value ...

8. ValueChangeEvent not firing when values are returned

In my jsf page I have a inputtext field and a hidden field. I have an edit button and upon clicking the edit button a popup screen appears and I selects ...

9. selectOnemenu ValueChangeListener not firing

I have an issue with two selecOneMenu in my jsf page. I have the following code where when I change value in first selectOneMenu, valuechangelistener fires and loads values in second selectOneMenu. When ...

10. valueChangeListener never called

I have the following bits of code:

 <h:panelGroup rendered="#{userTypeController.permissionItemsUserType.contains(item)}">
                    <h:selectBooleanCheckbox valueChangeListener="#{userTypeController.permissionChanged(this)}" value="#{true}"/> ...

11. valueChangeListener

12. FacesMessages and valueChangeListener with immediate="true"

I have a JSF page that posts to a request scoped bean. Within this JSF page there is a dropdown with a valueChangeListener and immediate="true" to submit the form (without validation) and change the values of a second dropdown below the first one. My problem arises during the following scenario: 1) User submits form to request scoped bean with some fields ...

13. ValuechangeListener does not change the value

Hi, I have two drop down menus, each bounded to a property in bean (integer) Now I have a valueChangeListener on menu1 which changes the value of menu2 and disables it. Everything works fine onchange of menu1 it changes the integer value of menu2 and disables it but it does not change the selected value in menu2 according to newly set ...

15. ValueChangeListener

16. valueChangeListener not working

17. Problem with ValueChangeListener

18. valueChangeListener

19. valueChangeListener not called.

Hi Experts, Please be patient in reading the problem as it is a long one. Im working on a application wherein im using JavaServerFaces in the Web layer.I'm relatively new to the world of JSF and stil playing around with its intecasies. I have the following UI components h:selectOneMenu,h:selectManyListbox,h:selectOneRadio & h:selectManyCheckbox in the jsp. These display the various values as drop ...

20. ValueChangeListener question

OK, I'm officially confused. I'm really just testing out various events. Action Events I've had no problems understanding and getting to work. But Value Change Events are driving me nuts. I want to trap a change to a radio button and effect a change in the view. For example, if the user selects the radio button corresponding to "Blue" a message ...

21. valueChangeListener?

22. My valueChangeListener is never being called...

Hello, I have the following jsp: JSP Page ""
<% /* todo: action */ ...

23. Navigation using valueChangeListener

I have this selectOneMenu and i would like the Page to navigate to another page whenever the user selects an item from the drop down that is when the valueChangeListener is fired. Pls how do i go about this

25. Help with ValueChangeListener!!!

Hi All Ranchers, I am stuck with JSF's ValueChangeListener......Can anyone help me out of it? I have a combo box (h:selectOneMenu) for which I used valuechangelistener to get to know whenever user changes the value and selects new option. Here is the code:

26. Problem using valueChangeListener and onchange

Hello, I am having some troubles with JSF. I have a page that has a selectOneListbox in it. What I want to have happen is that when the user picks an item in the listbox, the page will execute a method in our listener class. What is happening is that the page gets reloaded, but the listener method is not being ...

27. valueChangeListener problem

28. valueChangeListener never being called

Hello Everybody, I am using an ice:selectBooleanCheckbox together with a valueChangeListener like this: But - no matter what I enter into the valueChangeListener property : nothing happens. It seems as if the listener is completely being ignored. Can anybody tell me what my error is ? with kind regards daniel

30. valueChangeListener not firing

31. valueChangelistener vs Javascript

Hi all, One of the input fields of my form should be mandatory in dependency of the currently selected item of an item list. The label of this input field should be bold only if the value of the list is (e.g) 2 or 3. This should be done without validating any other field. So I wrote this valueChangeListener: public void ...

32. Valuechangelistener f:selectitems

34. Two ValueChangeListener don't work on same JSF

I added ValueChangeListener property on radio and dropdownbox, but only that method registered with radio selection is getting called even if i change the dropdown value this is the code my NewPage.jsp <%-- Document : NewPage Created on : Oct 28, 2010, 4:19:12 PM Author : RS28206 --%> <%@page contentType="text/html" pageEncoding="UTF-8"%> <%@taglib uri="" prefix="f" %> <%@taglib uri="" prefix="h" %>

35. ValueChangeListener for double values

36. valueChangeListener behavior

37. ValueChangeListener in JSF

38. valuechangelistener - getoldvalue() does not work fine, always returns the same

I have a problem with valuechangelistener associated to a selectOneMenu. The problem is that the value returned by the getOldValue() function is always the same, if the variable associated is not initialized is always 0. If the variable in the backing bean is initialized the getOldValue always return the initial value. The getNewValue function works fine. Does anybody why the getOldValue ...

39. ValueChangeListener complex objects

41. h:selectOneMenu and valueChangeListener