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1. To open different links using

I have a dataTable in which one of the columns contains URLs. On click of those links I have to open respective link in a new page. I am using ...

2. Open a new window in JSF when a user checks a box?

How do I open a new window in JSF when a user checks a checkbox? Here's what I have:

<h:selectBooleanCheckbox title="shipping" value="#{ShippingStationHandler.view}" style="width: 73px; height: 29px"> </h:selectBooleanCheckbox>

3. JSF 1.2: How to open a new window and catch the fact that user tried it

I'd like to open a new browser window, with everything hidden. Also I'd like to know that the user has initiated the action and record in the backend using JSF. From reading ...

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5. How to open Small Window

6. Help with flapable window

7. window.location problem

8. Modal Window JSF

I have a jsf datatable with a few columns and a radio button.. On select of the radio button i need to display the details of this in a modal window. The code below is shown for opening the window. But the problem is the javascript is executed first , and the valuechangelistener of ...

9. Using window.location.href

I'm continuing with the JSF project mentioned in previous postings. When I first started on this I had to develop the client-side code first before I was in a position to decide which server technology to use, and by the time I opted for JSF, I already had a lot of JavaScript code written. Consequently I want as much as possible ...

10. Pop window problem

Hi all, I have created a login application which has three different home pages dependending on the roles . I have to open these home pages as a pop-up window. I read that a form action can be opened in a pop-up by using javaScript's"URL"), but my URL is decided in the faces-config.xml. Please tell me the correct way to ...

11. Window "GREEN Index"

12. Command Link - Right click open in a new window

Hi All - I have a command link and an action attribute defined to it. It works fine if i click it. But I donot know what to do, if I want to make it work even if i right click and choose open in a new window. Can anybody help in this regard?

14. Open new window in JSF

15. Implementing the child window in JSF.

Hi all, I want to implement the concept of opening a child window in my webpage, when the user clicks on a particular command button. Currently i have implemented it using some css and 'div' tag. The css file has the necessary design attributes of the new window. And the div tag holds the design of the new window, and i ...