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1. JSF adding query parameters

I am using JSF and I have a backing bean method which does some processing and sets a variable 'outcome' which then decides the next page to navigate to depending on ...

2. Class parameter in Faces Config

Is there a way to pass a class into a property as a Class object? i.e.


3. JSF 2: outputLink whose parameters depend on user input

Here is my problem: I need to create a (seemingly) simple front-end for a report. The user enters a bunch of numbers, seperated by whitespace or commas, which are the ...

4. How to call a method with a parameter in JSF

I' ve a JSF page that shows the content of a folder (really it's a dropbox's account content). I'm using a dataTable to render the content of a ListArray object:

<h:dataTable style="text-align: left" ...

5. JSF 1.2: ui:include with parameters

Have JSF 1.2 two pages(one.xhtml and other.xhtml),
that are included to the current page by following rule:

    <c:if test="#{flowScope.Bean.param1}">
        <ui:include src="one.xhtml"/>

6. Passing Parameter From One Method To Another

I have a rather silly question, I need to pass a parameter from one method to another method. I have the following method

public String test(Employees emp)
   return emp.getempno();
I need to ...

7. JSF passing view parameters by reference - when object must be instantiated

Let's say I've got a register page & a register confirm page. I enter user details into the register page, navigate to the register confirm page where I can return back to the ...

8. How do I pass a parameter value to a Conversion class in java?

I am trying to pass a value to a conversion class in JSF/SEAM

public class ValueConverter implements Converter {

public Object getAsObject(FacesContext arg0, UIComponent arg1, String value) {
    if (StringUtils.isNotBlank(value)) ...

9. Why does ListDataModel not work with a bounded type parameter?

I just tried to create a ListDataModel with a bounded type, like this:

DataModel<? extends Foo> model = new ListDataModel<? extends Foo>(fooList);
, where fooList is of the type List<? extends ...

10. jsf-2.0: Big pb using forEach beside get parameter

Here the code, hope you can help me.

    <f:viewParam name="id" value="#{}" required="true" requiredMessage="required" />
    <f:event type="preRenderView" listener="#{edit.create}" />
<c:forEach items="#{edit.elements}" var="element">
    <ui:include src="/include/#{element}.xhtml" ...

11. How get GET parameters with JSF2?

I have this url for example:
When the user click in this link, then I should be able to get the parameter value which is 'content'. I was reading ...

12. h:outputScript - add parameter to script

I am using the h:outputScript-tag to add javascript-files to the page. The problem I am facing is that the browser is caching the js-files. Usually I would add a parameter to the ...

13. SQLException : No value specified for parameter 1

I encountered the following error: java.sql.SQLException: No value specified for parameter 1 when I execute my application. What does no value specified for parameter 1 mean?? My UserGroup list in my dao.

 public List<UsuariousGrupos> ...

14. When is a f:param actually sent?

I've got the following h:commandButton:

<h:commandButton action="#{myBean.myAction}" value="Send">
    <f:param name="myFlag" value="true" />
I want to gain access to myFlag insinde a Validator, that's attached to another element with ...

15. Should I make several views or pass parameters to a single view?

I am unsure whether I should:

  • Make one view where I use view-parameters
  • Or make one view (seperate xhtml page) for each action
The list I have now displays all the questions that ...

16. Runtime parameter changes

17. Post Parameters in JSF

18. no context init parameter found....

hello, i have this problem, whenever i invoke the jsf page i get the following messages on my server: 09:52:12,689 INFO [MyfacesConfig] No context init parameter 'org.apache.myfaces.PRETTY_HTML' found, using default value true 09:52:12,705 INFO [MyfacesConfig] No context init parameter 'org.apache.myfaces.ALLOW_JAVASCRIPT' found, using default value true 09:52:12,705 INFO [MyfacesConfig] No context init parameter 'org.apache.myfaces.DETECT_JAVASCRIPT' found, using default value false 09:52:12,705 INFO [MyfacesConfig] ...

21. passing parameter on button click

22. Parameter Passing

24. passing parameter to method without post/get/ajax

e.g. i just wanna pass a parameter to any method i have in the backbean. the problem with f:param etc is that i need to use post/get/ajax, which will not work if the person for example do a reload of the page (when reloading, the parameter will be null, if i use for example parameter map)

26. sending parameters from JSF to JSF

Hi, I have 2 JSF screens . first.jsf and second.jsf. In first.jsf , I have 2 different links , one is save and other is copy .On clicking either of the link it goes to same second.jsf In second.jsf , I have 3 command buttons. 1. Save 2. Copy 3.Cancel When the user clicks save on first.jsf , it goes to ...

28. Submitting multiple parameters on jsf

30. Passing Parameters using Get

31. assigning parameters at runtime

32. IllegalArgumentException: more than 10 parameters

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34. about parameter passing

hi, could someone help to clarify this topic? these days, i spent some time on it, concluding as follows, any incorrect, please feel free to figure it out. 1, managed bean is always used in parameter passing, and the scope should be session? pageA - paramPassingBean - pageB if scope ...

35. JSF how to get link parameter

i got a page that once the user enter the details click on submit button a reset password link will send to user email account i add a resetId in the link like this http//localhost:8080/Test/Reset.faces?id=asedfr1241243a123sfsdf Once the user click on the link how can i get the parameter values immediately the user click on the link? Because i want to check ...

37. How to read POST parameters?

38. Parameters not passed into the s:link

39. JSF pass parameters onclick

40. passing parameter

41. jsf passing parameter?

42. Passing Parameters to an Include, it is supposed to load a list of products.

I am new to Java and I am trying to understand the process here of passing parameters to an include file, and then having the included file load a list of Items. The include: I notice the ...

43. JSF 2.0 ActionMethod with Parameter

44. Object as a parameter

Hallo, Here is my JSF page. I try to send current HyperlinkBean Object to HyperlinkVerwalterObject. It will be saved in that class. The class has a method which accepts HyperlinkBean as a parameter. How is it possible? I didn't find any way to solve it.. Method in HyperlinkVerwalter: public String addHyperlink(HyperlinkBean bean) { hyperlinkList.add(bean); return "success"; } JSF Page :

45. Passing parameters with h: link

Cesar, I'm not sure as to whether or not you can pass a whole bean as a param, but there may be a much easier way to do what you are trying to do using a data binding on the h:dataTable. Try something like this: ... ...

47. could not locate named parameter

48. Passing a Parameter via Ajax

I'm using a ui:repeat to repeat through a List of Questions. Each Question has several values and I'm trying to pass a single question object in an Ajax call to reset/save a value on the question when a value is changed. See the jsf code snippet below. I have commented out the value as when this is integrated, then the ...