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1. JSF- passing a parameter to valuechangelistener

I have a litte radiobutton like this :

<h:selectOneRadio value="#{test.answer}" valueChangeListener="#{TestService.changeanswer}" immediate="true" id="answer">
 <f:selectItem  itemValue="A" itemLabel="Absolutely True"/>
 <f:selectItem  itemValue="B" itemLabel="True"/>
 <f:selectItem  itemValue="C" itemLabel="Partially True"/>
 <f:selectItem  itemValue="D" itemLabel="Not True"/>

2. Send an f:param when a ValueChangeListener is invoked

I want to send a request parameter, everytime a ValueChangeListener is invoked. I've implemented it the following way, but unfortunately it doesn't work. Here's the code so you can get the idea.

<h:selectOneMenu ...