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1. JSON array and JSF

I'm working with JSF and EXT js. I have a JSONArray created in the server-side and I want to pass it to client-side. I used to get the array and put it ...

2. How to convert byte array to image

I have a SQL database that contains images stored as a byte array. I have done some searching and have not found much on how to convert these into a useable ...

3. Does JSF use List or Array for internal use?

I'm trying to figure out if I should use lists or array with JSF. I know it accepts both, but I would like to also be efficient. I'm referring to instances where lists/arrays ...

4. How to populate a jsf table with an array?

I have a JSF project where I'm using a table and I would like to populate that table with some custom information without using a database. I'm trying to write my own data provider. I was wondering if anyone knows how to populate a jsf table using an array. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

6. Displaying 2D array using data tables