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1. Format the date using and display it in the

I want to display something like "2010-10-20 by Mary" in the h:outputText. The date value is stored inside the MBean 's field called date1 while the user name is stored ...

2. Different value of date display between database and data table

I have a problem with display of dates from Oracle database in a Java webapplication using a JSF datatable. The displayed date differs from the date in the database. Here are some ...

3. JSF custom Converter for Date - Is is thread safe?

I have created a custom Converter in JSF 1.2 to convert Date objects. The dates have a very particular format. I have implemented my converter using the core Java SimpleDateFormat class ...

4. warning message/pop out for date/time

I have a form where a user need to enter date and time (2 different fields) and the time cannot be more than 12 hours old. So I want to add ...

5. JSF 2 : Format date output in EL

If #{myBean.birthdate} is of java.util.Calendar or java.util.Date type, can i possibly format this inside the EL itself using an existing function perhaps, with the output of like the one produced by ...

6. JSF and pl/sql ADF table date sorting

How to use JSF's ADF Table's sort property for date sorting. Specifically I need the date in dd-Mon-yyyy format. In order to acheive date sorting I need the date returned in ...

7. change the date format in jsf

I've retrieved data from database and displayed it using

  <f:facet name="header">
   <h:outputText value=" Date"/>
  <h:outputText value="#{}"></h:outputText>
the date here is displayed in YYYY-MM-DD, I want to ...

8.  is not displaying the right system date and time

I am using JSF 2.0. In bean I am setting Date using java.util.Date and if I am printing that date with normally <h:outputText value="#{payment.statusChangeDate}"> then I am getting system date and ...

9. How to convert JSF date to MySQL date?

In JSF I am saving a date to database, but in database the value is different. Everytime it is showing month as 01. I've already set the context parameter

to true, but ...

10. Split Date and Time from a Date to type separately

I'd like to do this:

Date meetingDateAndTime;

<h:inputText value="Date"/>
<h:inputText value="Time"/>
Once I got only one attribute Date, is it possible to type Date in an inputText and type Time into another and then merge ...

11. JSF 2.0: outputText does not print date

I have the following code:

<h:outputText value="#{java.util.Calendar.getInstance().getTime()}">
    <f:convertDateTime pattern="MM/dd/yyyy" type="date" />
which prints nothing. When I use the following code:
<h:outputText value="#{group.effectiveDate}">
    <f:convertDateTime pattern="MM/dd/yyyy" type="date" />
it works. Does anyone ...

12. JSF Cannot format given Object as a Date

I wrote a simple form and managed bean to store the data submitted to SQL server. downloaded sqljdbc and got it installed. The following occurs:

javax.servlet.ServletException: Cannot format given Object as a ...

13. date conversion

hi, got problem with date conversion. for my input field, i have dd-mm-yyyy, when i stored into ms-sql, it becomes, mm-dd-yyyy, when i retrieved, it becomes yyyy-mm-dd. how can i convert into the format of dd-mm-yyyy? i'm using the getter methods to get all the data in the db, therefore i can't really format it before i display it in my ...

14. date converter

Thanks both. I saw JSF in Action yesterday, but wasn't ready to drop a $50 bet. However, judging from my Hibernate in Action, it would probably be a safe bet. Think I'll pick that up. Not to knock the O'reilly book, but I think it again led me astray. From that book I gathered the converter would also validate... Chapter 7: ...

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21. strange error for displaying date

I am having following code in my file. (mm-dd-yy) it works correctly but while displaying start date on my form, it displays the date by 1 one day less. like if it is (in MM-dd-yy) 03-04-07 it displays 03-03-07 can anybody help me Thanks

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24. Dynamic Date Picker Date Range

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26. Customizing date

27. gettting up to date with jsf

28. Compare dates

Hi, Am using tomahawk calendar tag for 2 fields and on submit of the form I want compare the dates for certain range. How do I write custom validation class since existing tomahawk validatiors only compares the dates for equality and not support less than or greater than cases Thanks in advance

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40. Date Problem in jsf

41. map calendar date to data

Hi: pardon me if I this sounds stupid, I am assigned this work and I have no prior experience in jsf/facelets I have to use jsf with facelets to provide a calendar where each day will be replaced by a value other than the date. for instance, look at the following example where instead of having date, i have a specific ...

42. how to change color of a date in calendar

Hi all... I have added using RichFaces. I also have 3 radio buttons for different holiday types like general, festival, public like that. I want assign these holiday to calendar dates and change color of the date to specific color. Suppose I select date 24-Mar-2011 on Calender and Festival holiday with radio button it would change the color of ...

43. JSF EL Date Functions

44. Binding tomahawk t:inputCalendar to a date object but not display default current date

Hello guys, I have a problem using tomahawk t:inputCalendar tag. I have bound it to a backing bean date object. But if I do date = new Date(), the tag renders current date by default. If I keep the date reference null, the current date doesn render but then while submitting the page, the value chosen by user also doesn get ...

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49. liferay-ui:input-date together with JSF 1.2

Hi all, I have a problem using the liferay-ui:input-date tag. A snippet of my JSP looks like this: