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HI here's my code: List.xhmtl

<h:selectOneMenu value="#{produtosController.items}">
    <f:selectItems value="#{produtosController.itemsAvailableSelectOne}"/>
<h:commandButton action="#{produtosController.createByCodigos}" value="Buscar" />
My Controller Class with innner Converter implemantation
@ManagedBean (name="produtosController")
public class ProdutosController {

    private Produtos current;

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I get a strange error when Im trying to unit test a Java class dealing with JSF components (javax.faces.model.SelectItem). The error I get is this:

java.lang.ClassFormatError: Absent Code attribute in method that ...

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i have one method followed:

public List<Car> getCart(){
 //do something
and in JSF Page i user this method for display Data in h:dataTable and in view (JSF Page) i have one inputText in h:dataTable, ...

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I think my question is similar to this but havn't found it to work @ManagedProperty(value = "#{param.id}") in a non-request Scope Bean


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