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1. JSF 2.0 redirect with parameters

I my JEE application I have articles administration. There is url like http://localhost:8080/articles/detail.xhtml?article=70 where article means id of article. This page displays article comments etc. it is not important. But there ...

2. Is Flash scope free of race conditions?

I found out that the JSF 2.0 Flash scope is implemented in Mojarra 2.x via a cookie. What seems to happen is that when navigating from view A to view B ...

3. JSF 2.0 - automatically include view parameters in url

I have simple jsf page with view params and load method which is processing those params:

 <f:viewParam name="param1" value="#{bean.param1}"/>
 <f:viewParam name="param2" value="#{bean.param2}"/>
 <f:viewParam name="param3" value="#{bean.param3}"/>
 <f:event type="preRenderView" listener="#{bean.load()}"/>
I also set some ...

4. Encoding request parameters after JSF2.0 Post-Redirect-Get

I've upgraded a JSF application from 1.1 to 2.0 and I'm trying to encode request parameters after performing an action. The situation:

  • The user presses a save-button on viewA.xhtml which invokes save() on ...

5. redirect & parameter passing