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1. transfer parameter to next request

I have a situation where clicking a link in one column on the datatable opens A update FORM in the same page. The problem is when I hit the submit ...

2. Get request parameter values in JSF

I have a <odc:tabbedPanel/> component. Inside this I have a page in the <odc:bfPanel/> component. I want to access a value (of a inputtext or radiobutton) from the page in ...

3. Using depending selection lists in request scope

A question we keep getting from users is to have selections (drop-down lists or multi-selects) with dependent values. For instance, a user would pick a country, then the system populates ...

4. Null Pointer exception while getting request parameters

<h:dataTable id="dt1" value="#{StudentMark.stuList}" var="stuList"  bgcolor="#9AC8E6" border="10" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="3" rows="18" width="120%" dir="LTR" frame="hsides>

5. jsf basic question about request scope

I think this is a jsf basic question but I simply require a little bit of explanation.. I have a login page where I have a link to a CreateAccount page:

style="float: left; ...

6. Request scope in JSF

Request scope in JSF: I want to store objects onto the instance variables of an MPB in request scope (in the business logic) and access them fron the JSP. But I find ...

7. How to pass parameters between Request-Scoped Controllers?

I have a simple JSF-Page and want to pass a parameter from page1 to page2. Every page has its own controller which is in request scope. The two controllers look like this: Controller1:

public ...

8. Error in JSF 2 with Ajax call to update parts based on request parameters

I'm quite new to JSF 2. I'm trying to render a component using Ajax depending on which checkbox the users choose. For example, check box 1, box 2, and ...

9. JSF request attribute

I am using JSF 1.2. I have a page with a button. The action hooked to the button adds a request attribute to the request object and navigates to page2. On ...

10. How to retain all current GET request parameters when changing the language by dropdown?

I have a page that by clicking on a link it calls a method and does some work and passes the string as an output so the anther page can be ...

11. Not getting request parameters

12. Not getting request parameters

13. How to obtain parameters from request

15. This attribute does not support request time values

I have to display a datatable I want that one of the column has the text returned by the ArrayList plus a popup on this text So I tried the following : I have the error "This attribute ...

16. Putting user input into request scope

Currently I have all my user input in a session scope bean, i.e sort method, current page number, and other form fields the user has entered, and this is bad for obvious reason. I now want to move to request scope, but this seems to be a little complicated. When I change managed-beans.xml to request scope, I just lose everything on ...

17. getter method called on APPLY_REQUEST_VALUES

Hello everyone, I have a getter method (getPictureList) that gets called during APPLY_REQUEST_VALUES phase. This method is called on the dataTable to retrieve pictures. There is no associated setter method. My question is why should this method be called during APPLY_REQUEST_VALUES? I thought RENDER_RESPONSE phase would take care of calling this method for rendering the page. As a result, JSF is ...

18. JSF request parameters

What is the scope of your backing bean for Page1? If it is in session scope, you can simply access the textfield in Page2 the same way you are accessing it on Page1. If the scope is request and if you are using MyFaces implementation, check out the t:saveState tag on MyFaces Wiki page.

19. Passing user defined objects as request parameter in JSF

Thanks Bob. But I made a mistake in my question. I am using commandLink not commandButton. Usually I used to send the member of the object as a parameter but what I want is to send the USER DEFINED object itself as a parameter. So, can you please send me the sample code. Please Help.

20. Need to understand the Request Scope

21. How to get a value from request parameter map ?

Hi ! I am using an f:param and try to get its value on a label... This is a part of my code: and I was reading that if a do a request in a such way "{param['myParamId']}" i can the access the value of an object in parameter map, but it seems ...

22. JSF Request Scope security

23. Request parameters

24. How to pass request parameter from Parent window to child window that has outputRender?

[b]public class ContCenterSearchAndCaseProcessMBean [/b]{ public String getSearchDetailsForContactCenter() throws BusinessException { String action=null; FacesContext ctx = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance(); Map paramMap = ctx.getExternalContext().getRequestParameterMap(); MapValueSource vs = new MapValueSource(); vs.putAll(paramMap); JsfUtil.setRequestValue(ctx, "contactCenterVs", vs); return action; } } [b] public final class JsfUtil[/b]{ public static void setRequestValue(FacesContext ctx, String key, Object val) { try { Map map = ctx.getExternalContext().getRequestMap(); map.put(key, val); } catch (Throwable t) { ...

26. Difference Between JSF request and HttpServletRequest and how do you retreive parameters from them

Hi, I am having a problem retreiving the values from my form submit. I never have any of the input parameters come back. Here is my code: Projection Sheet

27. parameter on every request

This seems to be a really complicated solution to what appears to be a simple problem. Why is is necessary to go to the trouble of injecting a parameter on each and every JSF form submit? It's complicating the app, it's extra network traffic, it's a potential security hole, and last - but not least - if the server is just ...

28. ADF/JSF code gives problem in request scope

I am trying to syncrhonise the behaviour of the InputText and checkbox. It works fine if I keep backing bean in session scope but it fails in request scope. I mean it enable/desables the input box properly but do not post it's value to backing bean. Please see the sample code //JSFX Code ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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