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1. how to format jsf 2.0 with date value from List

Im using jsf 2.0 to develop app where user has to select (using radio button) a date from the list of possible choices. List of dates is a managed bean property ...

2. selectItems of selectOneMenu with param in JSF 2.0

I have dynamically generated form therefore i can't directly take data for my jsf components. I wander if there is a way to get selectItems with param transferred to method? for example: and ...

3. h:selectManyListbox & t:selectItems value attribute difference

I'm looking over some existing code and curious as to what the differnce between the 'h:selectManyListbox' & 't:selectItems' value attribute is?

<h:selectManyListbox value="#{MyBean.deSelectedFields}" size="10">
  <t:selectItems id="selectItemsId" value="#{MyBean.allSelectedFields}" var="item" itemValue="#{item.value}" itemLabel="#{item.label}" />
The ...

5. Convert List to an Array

Welcome to the JavaRanch, Binnie! I had to deal with this exact problem just the other day. I'm sure that sophisticated solutions can be found for this problem, but in my case, the simplest approach was the most efficient: private String getLabel(SelectItem[] itemList, String value) { for ( SelectItem item : itemList ) { if ( value.equals(item.getValue() ) { return item.getLabel(); ...

6. How to remove ArrayList element