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1. JSF - Can @PostConstruct block setter method by using an ajax call?

I think the question is clear by the title. This is my actual bean :

public class Selector {
    private String profilePage;


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Surendra, your example is very hard to read. The JavaRanch message editor has a button labelled "Code" that can be used to generate wrapper tags. If you use that, it won't chew up things. A useful trick in JSF to debug validation problems is to put an "h:messages" tag up at the top of the view so that all the generated ...

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I am new to JSF. I created a page based on some examples I see from the JBoss Seam examples but my problem is not Seam related (I think). It is very simple. Enter a value into an h:inputText field, click a button to call an action method on an SLSB. The problem is the setter for the text field (setTestVal) ...

7. default button / sequence of setter calls

Hi, currently I'm working on a page that includes a form with a couple of simple inputText fields. The backing bean has a property for each text field with getter/setter methods. The content of one these text fields should be splitted and automatically written to the other fields when pressing enter. At least this is the plan;-) 1. When pressing "Enter" ...

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10. Setter methods not getting called

Hi I am using RichFaces 4.0 M6 and JSF 2.0.4 version. I have written a statement like this I have created setter and getter methods for my "private String comments" variable. However, when I click the submit button, the setter is not getting called and as such I get a null value for comments variable. Can anyone ...