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1. Text input for multi-valued attribute    stackoverflow.com

I need to create an input form that will allow a user to enter any number of values for a particular attribute. I've tried several approaches, all of which seem to have ...

2. How to stop the user in entering text for h:inputText?    stackoverflow.com

I am using JSF 1.2 - My Faces Implementation. I have a form , I use h:inputText to display few values. There are 2 input boxes which should not be edited ...

3. How to Show JSF error message in between text fields when error occurs    stackoverflow.com

I have a panel layout which has some text fields that require validation. What I need is to let error messages be shown between the fields (not on top or behind ...

4. Can't persist my input text    stackoverflow.com

I have an input text area, inside a panel grid. This panel grid is only rendered when a check box is ticked. I'm using a value change listener to listen ...

5. Selenium input text not working in JSF    stackoverflow.com

I have some page in JSF2.0 where I need to validate fields. This is cross-field validation, so I binded fields to UIComponents. All three fields are <h:inputText> so all are binded ...

6. Is there a standard JSF way or open source library that allows outputting escaped text but _with_ html formatting?    stackoverflow.com

We have the use case that we need to output text that is a combination of static text and dynamic values from the database, the full text is resolved using message ...

7. Allow JSF input text to be selected at first pass, cursor position    stackoverflow.com

We are seeing odd behavior with JSF inputs that we dont see on regular html input fields. The field is a search box, and users will commonly swipe the mouse across the ...

8. I have two input text box and one button, I want to click on button than switch one text box contain to other text box    stackoverflow.com

I have two input text box and one button, I want to click on button than switch one text box contain to other text box in jsf

9. how to fetch all value from database in to text box in jsf-java    stackoverflow.com

how to fetch all value from database in to text box in jsf

10. converting html into text    stackoverflow.com

Hi all I am working with JSF. I have used RichFaces's 'RichEditor'. I am storing contents from this editor into a bean and displaying into a JSF form. But it shows ...

11. JSF: Hide input when typing in the text box    stackoverflow.com

I want to hide the first 6 characters of SSN when user types in the text box. Something like *--1234 Is there any built in tag I can achieve this. Thanks in ...

12. Inputtextarea not showing text    stackoverflow.com

I seem to have an issue with the jsf components inputText and inputTextarea. They do not show the value that my backend holds. I am 100% certain that the backend ...

13. How can I get JSF 2.0 to include JS as 'application/javascript' instead of 'text/javascript'    stackoverflow.com

In our JSF 2.0 application at work, we include several javascript files via <h:outputscript>.

<h:outputScript library="javascript" name="DoStuff.js"/>
The resulting html references them as 'text/javascript'.
<script type="text/javascript" src="/mycontext/javax.faces.resource/DoStuff.js.jsf?ln=javascript"></script>
According to this question, "text/javascript" is ...

14. How to display text in Serbian,Russian and Arabic(JSF 2.0)    stackoverflow.com

On the internet i found a book called JSF 2.0 cookbook. I rode chapter 7(Internationalization) and i found it pretty simple, i tried everything there by my self, and all ...

15. How to format localized text in JSF    stackoverflow.com

I'd like to keep localized text in a formatted manner (Using the <resource-bundle> in JSF) For example: in english.txt:

welcome_msg = <p>Hello <b>Friend</b></p>
in spanish.txt:
welcome_msg = <p> Ola <b>Hombre</b> commo esta? </p>
(Just random examples) If I ...

16. How to "hide" the last part of the text in JSF    stackoverflow.com

I am using primefaces datatable to show some data and I would like to limit the text shown to the user. I have a description that contains hundreds of lines, but ...

17. jsf output html-formatted text    stackoverflow.com

I have what it seems to be a very trivial question for you jsf expert out there... I'm working in a JSF 2.0 application. Said that I have managed bean with a ...

18. collection binding with input text    coderanch.com

I am not sure that is a possible option. Why are you trying to map a collection of items with a single inputText component? Usually with a collection of items it makes more sense to map to a select item list or a list box of items. I am relatively sure that the inputText component is meant only for a single ...

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32. Text Box after pressing button    coderanch.com

What exactly do you mean. If you press a "command" button, it most likely will submit the form, and therefore send a request, you can always have your navigation such that it goes back to the same page. Also you can have the Button call be an Ajax call if you want. What is the actual behavior that you want to ...

35. Aligning displayed text in JSF.    coderanch.com

36. Show Leading spaces in output Text    coderanch.com

37. JSF input text readonly issue    coderanch.com

Hi All, I have one input text field. Its readonly attribute is set to true. The value in this field is "JAVA RANCH". Now using javascript I make thsi field enable by setting readonly="false". After enabling this field, I enter some new data like "SUN JSF". When I click on the submit button the backing bean is not getting update with ...

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41. Problem when using valuechange listener in input text    coderanch.com

I am using trinidad tags in my application. In textboxes where I am using partialtriggers and calling the valuechange event I am facing a strange issue. If I press ` and press tab the textbox disappears and some html code is displayed there. The code which I use is like this: ...

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51. Very basic question - how do I make this text underlined using style=""?...(SOLVED)    coderanch.com

It is just a simple h:outputText tag: I have the style= attribute there at the end, but I don't know what to put in there. I know if I want to do it in italic I use font:italic. I found it while trying to find out how to underline on w3schools.com, but ...

52. Random Text    coderanch.com

53. Keep mouseover text longer    coderanch.com

54. #{..} is not allowed in template text    coderanch.com

57. "#{...} is not allowed in template text" error    coderanch.com

I'm having a great deal of dificulty in gettting started with JSF development. I've followed a few online tutorials and have managed to get a very simple JSF application to work using Eclipse and Apache Tomcat 6.0.26. Unfotunately, however, when I try to reference a backing bean the page fails to load. I receive a HTTP 500 error and the following ...

59. Open PDF or word doc or text file from byte array data using JSF.    coderanch.com

Internet Explorer is legally restricted against opening PDF's and Office documents in the IE browser Window due to a patent on that technology. The best you can do is set up for the document to be opened in its application (Adobe Reader or Office). To do that, you need a "pure" data stream, not an HTML data stream, so JSF is ...

60. insert text after executing action    coderanch.com

61. Very strange behavior: 'Ghost' Converter treats text-input as Enum    coderanch.com

JBoss 6 M5 (out of the box, nothing added) I have a poject with JSF 2.0 Facelets. I have several EnumConverter classes to bind enums directly to the view like: @FacesConverter(value="AusbildungsartConverter") public class AusbildungsartConverter extends EnumConverter { public AusbildungsartConverter() { super(Ausbildungsart.class); } } I use them in and that works just fine. However after I have added a simple

62. Printing formatted text to the user    coderanch.com

Right now, if a user enters text into a text box and saves that information, when it is redisplayed to them or another user the formatting is, as expected, wrong. Newlines, spaces, etc all get jumbled into a single space as per the html standard. For example if they type: Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 it comes out as: Item ...

63. How can I display a text file?    coderanch.com

I realize this is a fairly simplistic question, but I've honestly searched for this for a while, and come up empty. Yes, I feel foolish. Anywho, the situation I'm in is I've got a build.summary file in my META-INF folder that I would like to display when the users click on a link. All this really amounts to is displaying some ...

64. input text disabled style class    coderanch.com

65. Getting Started with JavaServer Faces 2.0: Text and Video Tutorials    coderanch.com

Who is this "Ed Burns" guy, and how can he go around saying the web.xml file is optional? I never even entertained that idea that a web.xml file would be optional, as the whole thing does get deployed as a war file to a servlet engine. How would the servlet engine know to map a given request to the faces framework ...

68. keep the values of my input text fields    coderanch.com

Hello I have a input text that I want to activate only when I check a checkbox, the problem is that every time that I check or uncheck the checkbox, all the data that I have in my other input text disappears. This is the secction of my code that generate the textfield and the checkbox and some buttons. What I ...

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