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I have a page with link http://localhost:8080/Test/Page.faces?id=asdasdasd The page got 2 text field and one button, after user key in the details and click submit, it works well when ...

2. parameter in URL jsf2    stackoverflow.com

I need to have this link: http://myserver:/myproject/innerpage/clip.jsf&id=9099 to extract the id from a code like this:

HttpServletRequest request = (HttpServletRequest)FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getExternalContext().getRequest();
String clipId = request.getParameter("id");
When I run it on tomcat I get:
message ...

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I am not able to recieve parameter from the URl when I am calling another portlet using Command Button in Jsf in JSR 168. Actually I am calling ...

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I use jsf 1.x. I do not understand where I am wrong with my code. faces-config.xml


5. JSF2 URL GET parameter    stackoverflow.com

It's easily possible with JSF2 to process GET requests with this annotations:

  <f:viewParam name="id" value="#{bean.id}"/>
  <f:viewParam name="name" value="#{bean.name}"/>
  <f:event type="preRenderView" listener="#{bean.init}" />
and the init method in my bean:
public ...

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I'm stuck on this problem. I've googled a lot and I cant find why this is not working. could anyone help me? Any help would be apreciated. The consulta.jsp is invoked this way: http://localhost:8080/admsite/consulta.jsp?sigla=ECE my faces-config.xml: Usuario com.itautec.mdi.facades.Usuario request Servicos com.itautec.mdi.facades.Servicos request StatusDocumentos com.itautec.mdi.facades.StatusDocumentos request