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1. h:dataTable content displayed on .jsf page load,instead of commandLink click only

Looks like simple,but doesn't work) When .jsf page is loaded ,values from DB is shown.
dao impl chunk:

public List<Product> getProducts() {
    return getHibernateTemplate().find("from Product");

managed bean chunk:
public List<Product> getProducts() {

2. how to get the column index when we click on a particular column value in a dynamic datatable in jsf?

i've a dynamic datatable ,in which data contents are taken from database. when i click on a particular column i want to get the column index. Actually i want to edit the particular ...

3. How to display a confirmation box when I click a checkbox inside a datatable in websphere jsf portlet without using java script

I am developing a websphere jsf portlet where I need to display a confirmation box when a check box inside dataTabale is clicked. All selected items will be updated in the ...