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I have a databale on index.xhtml

<h:dataTable style="border: solid 2px black;"
    value="#{IndexBean.bookList}" var="item"

        <h:commandButton ...

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I have a simple data table which contains dynamic form text fields. Each field has an ID defined in the backing bean, so I wanted to use that ID to ...

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I have a dynamic data table in JSF which has multiple input elements which can be of various data types. The input is always a text control, but can contain ...

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I'm trying to show a empty datatable with 10 rows on the page load, when i try using the below code, it does not show any rows.

<h:dataTable id="d" value="" bgcolor="#9AC8E6" border="10" ...

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I have an object (Ticket), which has a list of other objects (Message). Message is abstract, and has several subclasses - like EditMessage, CreationMessage, and so on. So that Ticket object ...

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How can i set row level rendering in datatable JSF.

 <h:dataTable  styleClass="tablesub" border="0"  value="#{historyQuestBean.answerMasterList[row].inputTextKeySet}" var="option">