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1.  problem with present datas on JSF page

I have small problem with view datas in h:dataTable item. I have native query which is working properly in database and in java:

SELECT SUM(price_list.first_class_price), SUM(price_list.second_class_price)
FROM price_list, connections
WHERE = ...

2. Update backing bean in datatable from h:commandButton and JPA

I am working with Eclipse and Glassfish 3.0. Pretty new to this technology although I have done similar things before. Very simple really got a datatable bound to a backing bean. ...

3. How to display Hibernate Set to JSF Datatable

Hi Guys, Thanks for the replys. I am using MyEclipse to create hibernate beans base on the database. It creates me a set of abstract, concrete and DAO classes. For example, were is the full constructor of concrete class for hibernate: public CompUser(Integer idUser, BusinessGroup businessGroup, UserRole userRole, String ntUsername, String nmFirst, String nmLast, String phone, String email, Integer indActive, Date ...