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1. Problems with Clearing InputText in a JSF Datatable

I'm trying to reset some input text fields, inside of a data table, using a cancel button. The issue I'm having is that, if I attempt to cancel it, but there ...

2. h:dataTable binding => duplicate ID

I have a problem using HtmlDataTable for viewing data from database. When I create component, the table has sometimes (not always) twice number of columns. It is shown correctly and after several ...

3. binding dataTable problem

4. DataTable binding problem?

Here's my problem: (The same bean is used on all pages) 1) I do a search on one of the pages, and create successfully results and StudentCertBean.table has binding with id="searchResults". Results page displayes properly. 2) I go to another search page (displays correctly), and perform a search which should take me to a page that specifies dataTable's binding id="tbl_StdReb_Results".... However, ...

5. dynamic datatable binding

Originally posted by gov kur: Hi, However I found that the getter method for the binding Datatable value was called only the first time the datatable is created. Is there some way to force the binding to the datatable again? i have tried different things including moving the pagecode to request scope.

6. My binding with datatable give me null ate the backing bean, do i miss some thing

Hi , what i'm trying to do is first to load arraylist of student objects in h:datatable in the jsp, than on submit i want to get those student collection back in backing bean. The datatable will have student information in columns containing h:inputtext. So user can edit the collection of student . For this i did binding with HTMLDatatable in ...

7. h:dataTable binding => duplicate ID

8. binding in a datatable