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1. JSF Extend a base datatable by including an extra column from another page

I have a base datatable with 20 columns which is used by all reports...Some reports add additional columns, is there a way to put the code for the extra column in ...

2. JSF 2 : dataTable columnClasses is not replicated after 2 columns

Im using glassfish 3.0.1 and was experimenting with columnClasses in dataTable for the first time. It's something like this :

<h:dataTable value="#{coreGridBean.heroBeanList}" var="hero"

3. JSF Datatable with two columns

I have a JSF datatable like this one:

    <h:form id="productsBox">
            <h:dataTable var="product" value="#{categoriesBean.category.products}" id="productsTable">

4. Management of retrieved dataTable columns

I have 13 columns in a table. When I display it in a <h:dataTable>, then it expands to a very wide area on the page. Is there any way to minimize their ...

5. How can I show/hide a JSF datatable column with ajax?

I have an ajax call that refreshes the following table. Can I have the "Score" column (it is a BigDecimal) hidden if all values are null, otherwise it should display? ...

6. How to create a dataTable like component but with columns insertion programmatically?

I have to display a two dimensional table with a great number of columns and rows and the two dimensions are not fixed. Using JSF2 dataTable there is the constraint that ...

7. dataTable columns can't include markup?

Hi, I'm doing some pretty complex stuff with dataTable, including nesting dataTables within dataTables. I'm a little suprised that any HTML markup I include with the appears before the table and not within the cell. Here's an example:

  • ...

9. Splitting a column in a datatable

10. Centering a column heading in a datatable

This is going to sound like a real newbie type question... How do you center a column heading in a datatable. What I need to do is center the column heading but have the data be right aligned. I can't get the heading to act one way (center) and the column to act another (right aligned). Any suggestions?

11. getting extra column in dataTable

12. Providing anchor to columns in a datatable

Hi All, My requirement is that i should display a report in form of a datatable(in tabular format) and i want to provide hyperlink to 1st columns for each row so that when that link is clicked some other page is opened with some parameter passed from that link. For that my jsp file is below

13. Column Tabbing issue in DataTable

Hi to All, can anybody help me for my problem coming in DataTable, I have a DataTable with five columns as input text boxes, when i entered a value in first input text box and want to tabbing the focus to next input text box, in the mean time there is a functionality to validate the value entered in the first ...

14. Hiding a column in a datatable

Hello forum members, I have a datatable which contains 12 columns, however only 8 columns can easily fit on the page. My clients wants the first 8 columns displayed, and an arrow image next to the table on the right. When the user clicks that arrow, the rightmost 4 columns will disappear and the other 4 which were not on the ...

17. Merge DataTable columns