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5. i had problem with h:datatable

Hi Friends, I had h:dataTable rerender Problem when displaying the values of the table,initially its working good, after i add some values to that table after that it is not rerender automatically(i specified rerender). intially the datatable displays values properly, after click on add button some values will be added to this table, after that this table is not rerender, if ...

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9. Crash when dataTable is empty

Actually, you do have conditions ("var.status = true"). But that one should be safe, although it's redundant. You don't have to compare a boolean to true/false, so you can just code it as 'rendered="#{var.status}"'. I think you're missing some of your sample code, which may be because we just went online with new forum software (yes, the JavaRanch is now actually ...

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Getters are there to return bean properties and not to do some business/database logic. Getters can be called more than once in bean's life. Move the data loading logic to the constructor or initialization block of the bean. Or if you really, really want to do it in the getter, then introduce lazy loading.

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18. When does support sets?

I started to use JPA and this works fine The relationships between entities are mostly defined as sets when I want to make sure that there are no duplicates. Now I understand by trying that h:datatable doesn't support sets. In my backing bean I have now to convert the set to a list and then it shows. I don't like this ...

19. how to create a new datatable on rowclick from another datatable

hello, i am new to jsf and richfaces and I'm a little confused on how to create a new data table (on the same page) when clicking on a row from another data table. I have tried these options, but i can't get any to work please help. thanks! Option 1: this is my jsp file:

20. Create Datatable inside ManageBean

Stop waitin and start readin. You can dynamically construct a JSF view from Java code. Each of the JSF elements in the "h" and "f" tagsets * has a corresponding Java object that may be constructed, initialized and linked into the page view. There's a fairly good introduction to this in Kito Mann's "JSF in Action" book, although don't expect to ...

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25. Datatable with scrollbar in JSF

Hi all, I have created a datatable in JSF. How to insert a scrollbar on the datatable? Please advice on this. Thanks in advance!!! : JSP code: <%@ taglib uri="" prefix="h"%> <%@ taglib uri="" prefix="f"%>


26. JSF dataTable issue

HI All, I want to display data using the h:dataTable tags in JSF The data I am displaying has to be in a format like this: Name: XXXX ID: 8989 Age: 32 I have seen several examples on the web that tell you how to display the data like this: Name ID Age XXX 8989 32 Since the dataTable tag only ...

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29. f:convertNumber not working in dataTable context

I'm trying to use a f:convertnumber in a datatable, for some kind of reason it never seems do anything with the convertNumber in the datatable. Below a piece of the datatable and the associated java program. The preceding outputtext (employee.number) works fine, but the inputtext in the dataTable isn't working. Has anybody an idea what the reason is ?? ...

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31. JSF2 CRUD DataTable and SelectOneListBox Questions

Hoping that someone can help me out with my problem: I have a database that I use to track patients, surgeries, and any complications for purposes of self directed quality improvement. Patients table/entity has basic demographics on each patient and has a patient_id field that is linked, one to many to the Surgery table/entity. Surgery table/entity lists each surgical procedure performed, ...

32. JSF2 how pass dataTable loop var to custom component

I want to encapsulate a site-wide bookmarkable URL GET link strategy as a reusable component. I have a number of entity classes (Activity, Actor, Block, ..) that extend Element. Each entity class T has its own Manager as managed bean. In many pages I want to be able to link (via bookmarkable GET URL) to view page for many entities. There ...

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38. DataTable and UploadFile

Hello everyone, Goal: In a jsf page, I defined a dataTable and a uploadFile. For Each file uploaded, the datatable will must update. I use a primefaces lib. The code that i wrote: @ManagedBean(name = "article") @RequestScoped public class EditArticle { @ManagedProperty(value = "#{}") private Long id; // other properties and then private List attachments; public EditArticle() { setAttachments(new ArrayList()); } ...

39. JSF dataTable parameter call problem

Action methods weren't designed to be invoked with parameters. The idea is that the entire form is going to have been validated and updated into your backing bean, and in fact, if any item submitted fails validation, the action method won't be invoked at all - the JSF lifecycle will short-circuit it and display validator error message(s). The inputText control isn't ...

40. Components missing in component tree for h:dataTable ?

Hi, I have a very basic h:dataTable definition like this To the two h:inputText I've attached a validator : public void validate(FacesContext context, UIComponent component, Object value) throws ValidatorException { if(component instanceof HtmlInputText){ System.err.println("Got comp with id: " ...

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44. commnadLink under DataTable doesn't work

Hi, I have gone through couple of posts on this issue. Few post suggest to use session scope as it doesn't work for the managed bean in request scope. However, I don't want to move my bean to session scope as part of some functionality get breaks after doing it. Some posts also says that commandLink does work in datatable for ...

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