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1. Updating Bean from JSF dataTable

I've got this h:dataTable and form:

<h:dataTable value='#{bean.allData.dataItems}' var='item'>
     <h:outputText value='#{}' />

     <h:inputText value='#{}' />

2. Adding elements to editable form using h:dataTable without submitting all the rows

Just wondering if it is possibly to dynamically add elements (in AJAX fashion) to a form using h:dataTable without always submitting the current contents? Normally one has to always send the ...

3. JSF form submission - how to get the right submitted form?

I got a question about form submission in JSF, cause im new to JSF. First my code:

<h:form >
 <h:dataTable var="item" value="#{migrationBean.items}">
  <h:column >
   <!-- some output text -->

4. JSF - Load different forms based on mimetype values in DataTable using AJAX call

For one of my projects, I need to load different forms based on mimetype values available in DataTable components. I have header, content - DataTable in the middle and data display ...

5. is it possible to update the jsf datatable without submitting the form?

is it possible to update the jsf datatable without submitting the form? i am asking this because i have a datatable with 4 textboxes and a button per row. the button ...

6. JSF submit dataTable and openpopup window after? is this possible?

Is it possible to just submit a dataTable instead of the entire form and then open a popupwindow after the submit? My dataTable has textboxes in it and the popup window ...

7. jsf render component type?

I am creating an online survey application using JSF with IceFaces. The survey can have any number of questions. Each question can be any one of the types checkbox, radio button, ...

9. How to get multiple h:selectOneMenu values inside h:dataTable on form submit

"Selected" doesn't mean what you think it does. In JSF terms, the "selected" row of a datamodel is the one corresponding to a commandLink or a commandButton that was clicked. You can have zero or many checkboxes in a datatable, so how would the framework know which one was the "selection" checkbox? JSF is based on MVC and part of that ...

10. Exception:p:datatable should be within the form

Hi, I'm trying to bind a p:datatable from JSF 2.0 Custom Component through Encode Method and I'm able to bind it also, with an issue. This is my custom Tag in the xhtml page : and at the encode method i've the following : private DataTable getDataTable(){ if(table == null){ //Create a new dataTable ...