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1. Ajax render attribute don't work in a h:dataTable in JSF2

I have some problem's with a simple application in JSF 2.0. I try to build a ToDo List with ajax support. I have some todo strings which I display using a datatable. ...

2. JSF h:dataTable element seems to have a bug

If you run this application in Netbeans using Glassfish, you will see that the message "inside getDataList()" is output 3 times on the Glassfish server log. This indicates that each time the index.xhtml file is run, the getDataList() method referenced by "#{dataTableTestBean.dataList}" is executed 3 times, whereas (I believe) it should only execute once.

5. JSF - How to access each row of dataTable as it is created?

I realize that I can bind an HtmlDataTable component to the dataTable but...then what? Is there an event-handler that is fired for each row as it is created? I also realize that I can access the row object by calling the getRowData() method in an action but I don't want to post the form or fire an action...this is a read-only ...

6. jsf-h:datatable