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1. Set ID of each line on a link in a dataTable

I have a page that lists all from my Post table, it looks like this:

<html xmlns=""
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8"/>
    <title>TODO ...

2. How to Assign id dynamically in JSf to Datatable column

Hi please check below code for your reference.


3. Bound values are not getting updated from editable datatable without setting ID in JDK1.5

Bound values are not getting updated from editable data table without setting ID in JDK 1.5. But the same does work without setting ID in JDK 1.6. Does anyone know why? Thanks Code, ...

4. Datatable displays ID but not Name/Description

I have a UserGroup datatable which displays the Id_User, Name, Id_Group, Description. The datatable displays the following information when I select a User from the User datatable, and a Group from ...

5. How to get the dataTable row id ?

Hi all, When you look at the id of the row in the page source of your browser window (id="form1:table1:1:cell1") I am interested in the single digit "1" that represents the current row.That row value is also the index number of the array of elements that was used in the data table. How will I be able to get that value ...

6. datatable row id

The JSF/xml "id" attribute isn't really a good place to store data. It's not intended for that purpose. Among other things, you might have noticed that it's not legal to use EL to substitute in an id value. If it's really required to place a key value such as userid in a row in a dataTable and you don't want it ...