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I have a list of Person objects with properties like height, sex, colour, etc in a backing bean. How do I display those objects in a h:dataTable in JSF?

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i have a datatable in my jsp, which fetches data from database. i've included a link in each row of the datatable which on click goes to another jsp(history.jsp) taking 2 ...

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Possible Duplicate:
jsf datatable problem with var attribute
Hello all, I am doing a JSF application using datatable..Following is the code--
<h:dataTable id="dt1" value="#{dbdata.empno}" var="item" bgcolor="#F1F1F1" border="10" cellpadding="5" ...

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h:datatable created table like this

column 1 column 2
 item 1    item 1
 item 2    item 2
 item 3     ....
But it is ...

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I'm using JSF 1.1. I have a JSP page with a

    <t:dataTable id="data"