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1. Nested tables with jsf datatable component

Does any one have an idea how to generate and populate nested tables with JSF. An example of the expected output:

<table align="center" width="100%" border="1">
    <th colspan="6" ...

2. Nested datatable in JSF 2.0

I am trying to fetch the questions and the associated answers. I am able to get the questions fine but the nested datatable does not even recognize the properties each answer ...

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10. Using of nested Datatables

Iterating over a map in datatable :

11. Nested datatables and inputText with duplicates id

Hi I have a form in which I require the use of nested datatables for capturing some data. But I'm having a problem with those nested datatables, and that is that when the page get displayed, different inputText in the subtable has gotten the same id. Here is the code: ...