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1. JSF - Datatable pagination does not work.

I am making a very simple datatable with JSF 2.0 tag dataTable but for some reason the page paginator is not displayed. Why is that?

<p:dataTable var="garbage" value="#{resultsController.allGarbage}" paginator="true" rows="10">   ...

2. Associating two datascrollers with one datatable in tomahawk

Can we associate two datascollers with one datatable in JSF using Tomahawk. I working on a problem for implementing pagination at top as well as the bottom of the page for ...

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7. paging datatable after filtering dataList

hi all. i have a problem with t:datatable and t:dataScroller.It work fine when i scroll in whole list. my problem is when i filter my list with a sublist will be shown.but when i click on paging number in dataScroller , the whole list reterive from db and the sub list is loss. i use t:save state for resolve this ...